Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Catch A Butterfly: Part II

{such a happy butterfly!}

{Keira was still fluttering all over the place after her party. I love my girl.}

{I love my Sunshine ♥}

So Keira's Birthday theme was butterflies (obviously). My cake actually turned out better than I thought it would. I don't eat or make cakes often, but I just had to attempt making this for her party. I had found some cute butterfly cupcakes, but I did those for her party last year. So I decided this would be a fun challenge and good practice. I used yellow confetti cake. Then I used the Wilton Buttercream icing (the cake pan is also Wilton brand). My mom and I thought it was lame because the picture shows the frosting a lot more stiff, so the texture from the star shape tip gives a more defined look. But it didn't look the same at all, quite opposite, it was more light and airy, not like the picture at all. But the frosting was delicious, it tasted like whip cream. And it's not that nasty kind of sweet like most frosting. Anyhow, it was the first time I ever did a texture type frosting on a cake. I wish the colors were more vibrant, but I think it turned out quite well.
{These were the birthday favors. A ring pop, bubbles, party blower, a funny straw (since Keira's crazy about straws lately) and starbursts.}

I decided that a 2 year old could care less about games! she just wants to run around and explore. So that's what we did, we celebrated at a park. My family and a couple of Keira's little friends her age came, Carson and Chloe. (Ugh, I didn't have a chance to get pictures of them together, they were all over the place, haha.) Anyhow sadly, it was very, very windy. And we had to put everything away after we had the cake. But I forgot to put the balloons in the car. And the cute buttefly balloon flew off and got stuck in a tree! ~Fiddlesticks!~ at least I got a picture of it...haha! {I had wanted to get her a butterfly shaped balloon, which they were supposed to have had one ordered for me in time, but they didn't! oh well, I guess I'll just go back and get her that one sometime for fun.}

Keira had a fun filled day, she did her first Easter Egghunt in the morning and then later had her party. Unfortunately Taylor had to work, but he got an adorable pink camou outfit for her from his favorite place of course, Cabella's. I love to see what kind of stuff he picks out. She got a purse, book, a sprinkler and water shoes from Grandma Murphy and a Leap Frop alphabet learning toy from her other Grammy. A giftcard and some adorable dresses from her little friends. From her aunts/cousins she got a ball and an apron that we'll get to decorate. And I gave her some books, a Special Agent Oso toy and the cutest peek-a-boo baby doll. Even though I didn't have to entertain or do games for the party, I was so pooped at the end of the day. But it was lots of fun. I love my girl more than anything. She brings so much joy and beauty into our lives. I'm so grateful for her smiles, her giggles, her hugs and simply, for just who she is. My one and only Keira Brooklyn.

{mommy and daddy love you so much! xoxo}


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Happy Birthday!!