Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't mind me if I'm sniffing or sobbing...

o a couple weeks ago while flipping channels, I found one of my dearest childhood movies on..."Annie," it was the end of the movie when poonjab is rescuing Annie. And then when it got to the part when Annie is dancing with daddy Warbucks singing, "Together at last..." I just started balling. Lately anything that is nostalgic to my childhood will make me break down in tears quite instantly. I dunno if it's the pregnancy hormones, or just plain ol' me, being a woman with the normal tender feelings that evolve once you're a parent, or just the fact of getting older. Luckily my husband isn't around most of the time to laugh at me.

Anyhow, now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, I feel so normal that I get paranoid if I'm okay, ha ha! My off & on nausea is completely gone ~yay~. And I forgot to mention in my last post about how I feel like a dog at times! My sense of smell has been so intense, constantly sniffing around with my nose in the air as I walk around every area to find the source causing whatever odor. Whether it's food, kid/cat poop or smelly feet. I must figure out what I'm smelling and where it's coming from. My husband laughs at me because I won't stop sniffing until I find the culprit. I swear I feel like I could be used like a drug-smelling pooch! Ha ha! But...I think my smeller is reverting back to fairly normal now...I think. I can still wear my regular jeans, but I do feel more comfortable in maternity pants. I'm finally showing a little bit. I assumed I would show sooner since it's my second one, but I'm still just barely showing. Believe me, I'm in noooo rush! Big babies run on my hubbies side, so I'm fine with my wittle belly ;) I've got plenty of fun hot swollen big bump days ahead. I really didn't show until I was around 6 months or so with my first. And even when I was almost due, it did NOT look like a ten pounder was in there!!!!! Ha ha ha!

Last Thursday I got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time! I've been blessed to have a good pregnancy again. But I try really hard not to dwell on having another c-section. After Keira was born I did not want to talk about the details of my delivery, I was still very emotional and hormonal about the experience, as far as just the pain of it all and nothing I'd experienced before. But I was able to bear through the pain afterward, since I was entranced with my sweet baby girl being in my arms and loving motherhood. Now that years have past, I'm fine talking about the first birth experience.

So onto my darling Keira! She is just plain adorable, as usual. I think I've taught her well on being polite, because she's always saying please and thank you. She'll still randomly ask for chocolate or a cookie, but now she says, "Can I have a cookie/chocolate, please?" and a couple days ago she asked, "Can I go to the playground, please?" I pretty much can't say no when she asks so sweet and politely. A few times lately she has randomly kissed my arm! ~chuckle~ And she's now replying after I tell her I love her, she'll say, "I wove you mommy!" Which I've been waiting so anxiously to hear! :) It melts me. A week ago while putting on my makeup, she looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly said, "I'm really small mommy, I'm really small!" and then said,"You're really big mommy! you're really big!" I just busted out laughing, it was just so random and cute. She's observing that I'm this big person (which I still don't feel like I am) and she's this little person. She still refers herself as the baby sometimes. But I'm always telling how she's such a big girl now and we look at her baby pictures together. (Everytime I look at her adorable baby pics, I think to myself, few are the days that babies are babies.

It's really just a blink of an eye and there they are walking, talking and everything! I love watching her every milestone. Seeing how she's comprehending things more and figuring out how things work around her. I truly wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm very grateful to be home everyday with her, observing her, teaching her and adoring her cuteness, as her beautiful personality blooms. It's the greatest. Though it's been tough the last few months, she wants me to play with her all. day. long. So I play with her off and on throughout the day while breaking away to get as much chores and errands done. It's been nice to have more energy back in this trimester, but I still get tired out from all the playing and cleaning. I cherish giving her my time and attention. But I'm also teaching her that I can't always play and she has to play on her own, I give her fun activities she can do independently. I also will put on music and dance with her while cleaning, take breaks to chase her around and have fun being silly with her. I just love when we're making each other giggle. There's just
nothing better than seeing my girl's beautiful smile. Nothing.