Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Define Gratitude


1. A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation


1. A lack of gratitude

Every time I think of the word "Gratitude" I think of "Attitude". If you live each day having a positive attitude you tend to have more gratitude for the basic things in life that influence you to learn to love life. If you have a negative attitude, it's easier to forget daily blessings & simple joys. Then fall into the sad abyss of "poor me" & "my life is miserable". And really, you're not helping yourself or others with that attitude. Like happiness, we must choose to be happy for ourselves. People, money, etc. cannot make or buy you happiness. Just like gratitude. We must exercise gratitude daily and it will make our spirits more humble. Every experience and trial in our lives can affect our attitude. And every trial can teach us there is always something to be grateful for.

I'm grateful to be married to my amazing husband Taylor, who works so hard to provide for our family & so I can stay home to raise our daughter. And I'm so grateful to him for being patient with me and teaching me patience every day.

I'm so grateful to be a mother. It is my most important role and occupation in life. I'm loving every second of it. I'm grateful to wake up to her beautiful smile every morning.

I love this retarded song/video!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ode to the Vicious Scale

.Ever since they gave me the "okay" to start working out again after my c-section, I've been working out 4-6 days a week the past 5 months. I've been eating small portions, eating lots of veggies and fruits, drinking and eating protein, high fiber foods (splurging once in a while on fat-free frozen yogurt or ice cream). I've been sooo impatient with losing weight. I'm just not going to be hard on myself anymore. The water weight from post-baby is gone. But geez does your body change post-baby! But pregnancy wasn't all to blame for all the weight! Add stress, moodswings, hormones and non-consistent excercise mixed together prior to pregnancy.

The pressure of society and media for women to constantly be skinny at all times is ridiculous. Women bear children, have to deal with periods, menopause, birth control and the list goes on. We don't need to be so hard on ourselves. God created our amazing bodies to create human beings! Women should love their body, even after all the havoc they must go through. I love working out and challenging myself. But as we know women struggle with losing the weight as fast as men do, which is frustrating. So as I stay focused and live actively, taking care of myself the best I can is all that matters. I love my body. I'm grateful for all the things I can do and I am so blessed to have given birth and survived!

Anyway, I've been bouncing back and forth from what the weight scale says or how my jeans are fitting, anxious for the results of my hard work. Months after working out I realized my weight scale has been brain-dead! It's been off all along! So much for yelling at it! But do know, I've never been the obsessive type to weigh almost every single day (until post-preggo, ugh!) and ask, "What dost thou say today, Oh Holy Scale?" And as we hear from many fitness experts, you don't need to worry as much about what the scale says, then as to what your fat measurements are.

So, My Conclusion, Dear Weight Scale:
  1. i will not revolve my life around you
  2. you are so
    o v e r r a t e d!
  3. i will smash you to pieces!
  4. you suck.
  5. to HELL with you!

Therefore embrace your own renaissance (type) beauty.

Real beauty = No Airbrushing

Curves are better than no curves.

The End.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Brothers Wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit D. Millet
My brother Gerrit married his love Shawntae on November 7th. They are such a sweet pair. I'm so excited for them both. Shawntae is great for Gerrit and vice versa. They make each other happy and be their best self. Shawntae was so cute as she was being sealed! She was anxious, nervous and thrilled that this day has come! I'm so happy they are sealed together for time and all eternity. They have made such an important choice in life. The Lord will bless them as they have married in the Holy Temple and are making another step toward becoming like our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.

As I listened to the lovely sealing, I reflected on my own wedding day and I will never forget the joy I had being sealed to my dear husband. We are so blessed to be sealed together. Growing up as a youth, I strived to always remember what the many Fireside speakers would emphasize: that WHO you marry and WHERE you marry will be the MOST important decision you will EVER make. And it is very true. Once you marry, every decision you make will affect yourself, spouse, family and future family. The consequences of our choices can lead to different trials, which is why it is so important to focus your life on the example of Jesus Christ. To cultivate it and mold it into your individual self. I know the Lord designed marriage so that as spouses see each others strengths, we can use them to help overcome our weaknesses. Thus by focusing on Christ-like attributes, we can see that without our spouse we wouldn't have been able to recognize some of our weaknesses. And by being good examples to each other in the areas we falter...we can conquer them. Eternal marriage is essential to God's plan of Happiness. But if we don't strive to be true to our covenants, we won't learn why it is essential.

Lovin' the shoes! white with teal polka dots! (her wedding colors were teal, black and white)
Gerrit has and always will be one of my best friends. He is the best brother. We've been there for each other a lot. And we had so much fun together when we were both single. I'm so happy for him and wish him a blissful marriage.

Me and my love
I love kissing pictures
The look of being in Love.

A custom made cake topper that looks like both of them. Gerrit really does play guitar and Shawntae loves to sing!
Keira gettin' some love~
The reception is finally over and Gerrit ends it with some good ol' Martinelli's Sparkling Cider!

They're just here for the dessert...lol!
Dancing with my darlin'

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my husband in pink...

just kidding.

We went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat. Even though we both still had a bit of a cold, I wanted us to dress up. Halloween has always been one my favorite holidays. How cool is it to be able to dress up as anything you want & break the ordinary daily monotony.

It was fun being pink leopards for Halloween. Too bad daddy was hunting in Utah, he really lucked out not wearing pink! ...ahem, you don't think....(gasp!) me considering my manly man to wear pink do you?!?! Of course not, plus he'd refuse. I shall never see pink adorn my handsome husband ever in my life. He would look funny in it! (He'd always laugh at guys in the single ward wearing pink ties...he'd tell me they only wear it because it can attract girls to talk to them. I won't lie, it does!!! I always noticed the guy in a pink tie! & was drawn to say, "Wow, you're wearing a pink tie..." and then I'd decide whether he could actually pull it off or not.) My husband would not look right wearing pink ANYTHING! LOL! ...but then again, that would be the greatest costume! the scariest thing ever! it would be the SCARIEST THING TO SEE HIM IN PiNK! but alas, it shall never come to pass...he'd rather die first for that to happen.
straight up manliness.
love that.

i made a motto for a girl i knew that hated pink.
pink is for freaks! she loved it. lol.

I always wear fake eyelashes when I dress up, I love mostly funky ones, but this year I just wore basic ones. Since I used glitter on my eyes. Eeks, I'm making sure my makeup and glitter is hidden from Keira before she starts crawling!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tribute To My Sweet Grandma

Lillian Margaret Christensen Hatch
1920 ~ 2009

My sweet dear Grandmother passed away on Oct. 14th. The first thing I thought was how grateful I am to have the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To know that it does not end with death. But that her spirit is in the spirit world with her beloved husband. To know that we will all be resurrected because of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful to have known my Grandma. I will always remember how she was always cheerful, full of love, and singing delightful songs. She'd even sing "Happy Birthday," to me over the phone. And she'd always underline the words inside the Birthday cards she'd send. She truly was full of life and optimism. Her hair always well-kept, she had on her pleasant perfume and lipstick rouge always! Many elegant food buffets at her home and invite all the relatives over. She always had the BYU channel on the TV. Grandpa always ended his meal with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, (that's always been my favorite flavor too.) I remember eating at Ponderosa with her and my family (mmm, I loved eating there.) She'd always give me a little cinnamon candy wrapped in a white and red polka dot wrapper (I sure loved those! wish I could find them!) Oh, and she's got me hooked on Danish cookies in a tin every Christmas!

Immediately as you walked up the steps to her pleasant white home in Provo, you'd feel comfortable and cozy. A bench on the porch surrounded with Pansies, Roses, and other lovely flowers in pots (and those funny little red bugs loved them too!) Her home was always clean and presentable. Filled with various books and music, floral painted China plates, vintage bells and old various things that had so much history behind them of her and Grandpa. I can still remember the melody of the wall Grandfather clock. And the train set in the basement that Grandpa loved. I miss that home.

The last time I saw her was in August of 2006. I hadn't seen her for many years, too many years. She was now in a rest home (Grandpa had passed on the year before.) I remember approaching her room and seeing a glimpse of her before I walked in. I burst into tears. It was so strange to see her without dear Grandpa. And I missed her presence so much. I hurried and composed myself, as I didn't want her to see my tears. She met my husband for the first time, it was our first year of marriage. Grandma couldn't come to the wedding of course. But sent us gift money to help pay for the wedding cake, which she'd done with the other Grandchildren. Such a sweet gift. We talked awhile and I told her how my husband was working and earning his Helicopter mechanic license. She then told him proudly, "I was a brave woman and learned how to fly!" She then read a story from a book my mother had compiled called, "Chicken Soup for the Hatch Soul," which had true stories in it from all her children. She read a particular story over and over, she loved it so much. I was so grateful to have seen her.

I attended her funeral last Saturday and it was perfect for her. My mother gave a talk, and I was doing good holding my tears in until my mom got to the end of her talk, soon my sister and I couldn't stop the tears of love we felt for her. Then a group of us Grand-Daughters sang one her favorite hymns, "How Great Thou Art." I was glad to see so many of relatives I hadn't seen in so long. I'm grateful for the gospel and to know families can be sealed together forever. And that I will see my Grandma & Grandpa again.

Because of my Grandmothers devotion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and her shining example of kindness, she raised my mother to be an amazing mom just like her. They are both Christ-like examples that I aspire to become like.

One thing I'll always miss...is the lipstick mark left on my cheek after she'd kiss me. I love you Grandma.

This is the Obituary for her:

Our beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother passed away peacefully due to causes incident to age on October 14, 2009. She was preceded in death by her husband Noal, who passed away in June, 2005.Lillian was born December 11, 1920, to Danish immigrants Marinus (Max) and Anna M. Christensen in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. She was raised in a home learning both English and Danish fluently, and always loved speaking Danish to those who could understand. She married Noal King Hatch on November 5, 1943, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. At the time of their marriage she was taking pilot lessons and had soloed with the intent to help in the Women's Air Corp during World War II, but Noal's work in the war effort took them to San Francisco before she could receive her license.She was the first woman in Utah Valley to receive her amateur radio license, call sign W7QPF.Because of her outgoing cheerful personality, she was able to make friends wherever she was. Her Danish hospitality was always apparent, and in any visit with her and Noal she offered treats or gifts.She was always active in the LDS church and served in many callings, but her favorite was always in music. She led the Provo 3rd Ward choir for over twenty years during which time they recorded a choral album. She sang soprano in "The Accents" quartet, and performed in the Madsen Memorial Choir. She had hundreds of songs memorized, and if any topic were named, she could immediately sing a song about it.From the 1960s to the '80s she helped Noal in his work as a television news correspondent for Channel 4 news, including filming and writing many news stories. She was active in the Women's Council of Provo in which she also served as president.In retirement, she and Noal served as Temple Workers in the Provo Temple. She was steady and sure in her love of God and testimony of the Gospel. She was a great example of charitable service and love to all. She cherished friendships with many people, and her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren loved her and enjoyed visiting with her.She is survived by five children, Ron (Genie) of Orem; Roger (Sylvia) of Lehi; Rebecca Simmons (Rulon) of Rochester, New York; Robert (Janeal) of Sandy; and Rosemary Millet (DeLayne) of Goodyear, Arizona; 25 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren.The family expresses appreciation to the many healthcare workers who have assisted in her care. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m., on Saturday, October 17, 2009 at the Berg Drawing Room Chapel of Provo.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hittin' the Dunes

Last weekend we went on our annual trip to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, UT. We got to rough it out on my father-in-laws new RZR, it's so fun! and then rode on the atv a bit too. There's nothin' like ridin' the dunes, smores and awesome scenery. Keira adjusted pretty well, I consider her a pretty happy camper. She had her couple fussy moments, but I think she enjoyed the nature and seeing her Grandparents. We recorded some of the trails as we rode in the RZR with our camcorder. Nature is so pleasant to lose yourself in and not care what time of day it is. The smell of a bonfire while sitting under a blanket of stars. And to end it with seeing the leaves starting to change to rich burnt orange and yellow on the drive home. I love Fall.
Her cheeks are irresistable!

Keira and Daddy chillin'

Me and Taylor's bro Matt

She was fascinated with the water bottle, trying to figure out how to drink it! lol!

Wearin' daddy's work hat

Me & my lil' camper

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Americans Unite On 9/12

This lady made a hat with tree like plants on it and it read,
"I am NO money tree!"

Yesterday on 9/12 I attended my local AZ Tea Party gathering at the AZ State Capitol. Along with thousands of other fearful, concerned, strong-willed Americans gathered in every U.S. State for Glenn Becks' 9/12 Project mainly at the DC Capitol. People waving there signs of distress, but smiling with peace & patriotism. I made a two-sided sign, one side read, "We The People Love the Constitution," and other side, "Freedom Revolution." We had wonderful speakers speak about our great nation and our Freedom being attacked and that we will not let the corruption of our Government win and take away all that was sacrificed for this great nation. And also had some AZ Legislatives and other political types answer peoples questions of concern. My reason for going was to stand with others to represent the people who will not let our Country be overthrown by a corrupt government and that we will be heard. I want to show my children to always stand up for what's right and not be afraid or sit back and watch things happen, but MAKE things happen! This great occassion will be part American History.

What kind of President doesn't come forth with concern to see the thousands of people standing outside the White House and want to listen to the people he "represents"? Cowardly he still doesn't listen, nor will he fess up to his lying and radical agendas & affiliations. Helloooooo! Mr. Prez! you've given dozens of speeches! stop wasting time trying to sell yourself with your smooth talking & empty promises. We don't want your Obamacare! Listen to the people! Stop forcing it on us!

Here I am with my sign!
It was so neat to see the crowds of people of all parties, all here for the same purpose.

Here is a video of the AZ Tea Party on 9/12!!!!
(what's funny is I'm standing right next to the guy that recorded this! my blue sign waves over on the left!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Project: Victory Hobo Bag!

My soon-to-be sister-in-law Shawntae just graduated from one of the most grueling, tear-wrenching, weirdo people infested schools...Dun-dun-dunnnnnn! BEAUTY SCHOOL! I wanted to give her something to show off her great victory! Sooo, I made her this fun bag that says, "I SURVIVED BEAUTY SCHOOL", again why? because I've been through it. It was not easy. I'm telling ya, it's a big accomplishment not to become a beauty school drop-out! First of all, most of the other students are quite strange (sadly quite repelling lifestyles). The instructors have major mood swings. Most every school is very ghetto (dirty and unkept), you cry a lot...AND the hours you have to complete are sooo long & grueling! So YAY SHAWNTAE! YOU ROCK! I'm sooo thrilled with how it turned out!!!