Friday, August 26, 2011


My Pinterest followers know I'm just a wee bit addicted, so I had to create my own theory and warning, haha! Pinning is therapeutic, really. It helps you wind down & relax, whether it's pictures, quotes, decorating or stuff to get creative juices flowing. I've been sick of Facebook for quite a long while, it honestly, {gulp, don't hate me for saying it}, just feels like high school all over again sometimes. But of course I still log on and like to see what my far away friends are up to and post random things that no one cares about, haha! Pinterest is just more fun than Facebook. Because you can truly just be yourself, just by pinning & inserting captions on whatever the heck defines you and not care what anyone thinks! :) Speaking of, it's past midnight and I must get off Pinterest and get to bed! ~Zzzzzz~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Profound Reflections On Our Divine Creator

I just loved this video the church posted on the Ensign page on Facebook. Excellent points made and neat quotes. It's very reflective. I love the quote he said from Astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington, "The more we learn abou the universe, the less it looks like a great machine, and the more it looks like a great thought." And I love how he said that science and religion represents two independent witnesses of creation, and when put together, it's like the vision seen with two eyes...the combination gives you a 3-dimensional perception.
"I Am God; I made the world and men before they were in the flesh." Moses 6:51

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nothing To Fear! Mommy Is HERE!

o, I've concluded that becoming a mother enables, well...more so forces you, to conquer a lot of fears. For example when your husband isn't around to be the hero for killing the scary spiders. YOU become the hero. But you make it more bearable by using the Swiffer as a spider squasher, that way you don't have to get as close to it, but still squealing while you do it. Then afterwards you're paranoid there's another one somewhere just ready to make another fun surprise.

Then there's night time, whether it's before or during the faze of when your child gets scared of the can't BE. You gotta be the tough one showing that there's nothing to be scared of. But after you've calmed them and gotten them to sleep, as you make your way to bed, you triple check every lock in the house, grab a flashlight and as you take a deep breath, you turn the light out and make a mad dash into bed as if there IS a monster behind your back, then you throw the sheets over your head while singing happy songs and praying to calm your jittery nerves! (...I may never completely conquer the fear of the dark thang.)

But my recent fear buster has guessed it....dun-dun-dunnn... Barf. Last Saturday after an exciting family outing at good ol' Costco, we were driving home and I had been glancing back at my usual happy little Keira, taking pictures of her with my cell phone. And then one of the times I glanced back at her, she looked at me with this concerned "uh-oh" look on her face. I said, "Awe, Keira are you okay? don't be sad..." Then I told Taylor about the 'look' that I had never seen before on her face. Then as my husband and I were chatting, we suddenly heard her making a choking sound. I had given her a cheese stick and some cookie Goldfish while were shopping. And we both looked back and saw her....toss the cookies....all over herself. Yay, the first car barf! ~woo-hoo!~

Poor Taylor doesn't have a very good gag reflex when he smells or sees vomit. I myself can't stand the sound, smell or look of it. Even if it's someone imitating it on a movie, I make Taylor skip it or mute it, because I hate the look or sound of it. But luckily to my surprise, I've been quite good at tolerating and maintaining a great gag reflex when facing it, at least with my child. We rolled down the windows and I kept consoling Keira and keeping her happy until we got home. Then we had to clean her and the whole car seat, etc. etc. Then I stayed home from church since we weren't sure if she was sick or not. She seemed back her to normal self. But then a few days later, tonight, I gave her another cheese stick an hour or so before heading out to meet up with my brother and his wife for dinner. And as I had just barely parked my car, before even turning off the engine....dun-dun-dunnnnn.....she tossed the cookies ~again! :P Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out if she's car sick or if it's the cheese. Because I gave her one yesterday and she was fine. But both times she tossed the cookies after eating that cheese and while driving in the car. So for now, I'm definitely NOT giving her those 'Frigo' cheese sticks!

As a mom, you must to the do stuff you've never done or or want to deal with. And before having your own kid, if someone else's kid barfs or has some other nasty accident, it was just un-bear-able... and you would find an easy excuse to escape the scene so you didn't have to deal with it. But once you're a mom, you become immune to it all. You don't have a choice, an excuse or a way of escape. Everything that was once terribly gross and unbearable to deal with, becomes no biggie and just becomes as normal and natural like everything else, eventually. Well, I can't wait for more future fear busters.... Ugh... Ha Ha!

Anyhow, onto a more fun subject...My husband was home for my birthday for the first time EVER!!! The enTire time I've known my husband these last 6 1/2 years (even while dating), has had to work out of town or state on my birthday. So I didn't get my hopes up for this year. But finally this time he was actually home! He surprised me with a sweet card and these fabulous pair of boots! ( I love seeing what kinda stuff he'd pick out for me, he really does an awesome job! :) I wouldn't have cared about him getting me a gift, since I was thrilled he was finally home.

My sweet sister Shantil surprised me with a cake and balloons, in which she was bummed that the bakery misspelled my name (of course, haha!). And she forgot candles so we just used Keira's candle from her birthday, haha!!! we just let it represent my last year in my 20's....(eeks! that's cra-zzzy!) She also gave me an original vintage 70's book copy of "What's Up Doc?" which is one of my favorite movies ever.

I love how in the picture above, my sister and I were both holding back our kiddo's from grabbing the cake, and we were totally oblivious to her son almost getting it, and that look on his face just starring at the frosting on his hand, as Keira looks like she's ready to do the same, is so hilarious! Hahaha!
I was also happy that my mom could be here for my birthday, she came down to finish up things to get her house ready to rent. My mom is my best friend, we always have a blast together. I'll miss her so much, but I'm so grateful that my dad was blessed with a good job. I can't wait to visit them and go to Tahoe, since they're so close to it!

Anyhow, I had my mom and Keira join Taylor and I for dinner, and we all went out to one of my favorite Italian restaurants Babbos! And I had the most amazing Three Cheese Macaroni, with Smokey Chipotle Cream Sauce blended with Cheddar, Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese, Bacon and Sausage on Penne Pasta, (I described it perfectly cause I just copied & pasted it from the site, haha!) It was SO delicious!!! And of course we all thoroughly enjoyed my free FATTENING dessert Zappoli (Fried Dough Balls topped with Honey, Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Topping) ~Droooooool~
And the perfect end to my birthday...RAIN! I was so thrilled when it started to rain after we left the restaurant. I savor every time it rains here in the desert, since we hardly get it! Keira and I had fun in the rain while it lasted. I had a lovely birthday, I appreciate all the sweet gifts from my friends and family. And I'm just so happy my husband was actually home. Being with him and my family was the best gift ever. For years I've been dying to go to the beach for my birthday, but it just never gets to happen. But this year I didn't even think about it once. All that mattered was being with my family. Who needs the beach?!