Friday, December 28, 2007


So we went to Mona, UT for Christmas to my in-laws. We stayed in their new lovely home. It was so fun to have a *white* Christmas. I actually didn't complain much about the cold, ha! We went 4-wheelin' in some mountains nearby on Christmas day. Taylor gave me a beautiful long black coat and a hat from Banana Republic, and a Fossil watch, my in-laws gave us money, which is always a lovely gift. I visited my best friend Afton in Saratoga Springs, and admired her beautiful home and family, and went hot tubbin' in the snowy outdoors!

And we bought a New 2008 Dodge Ram!!! (which i finally drove last night, it drives smooth as silk!) i promised Taylor i will park far from cars, and will 'baby' it! We are selling his jeep in Utah, and so we drove home in our new truck! So it was a fun drive home! ♥

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Snowy Christmas

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i'm getting sooo excited to go to Utah for Christmas, it will be my first snowy Christmas since i was 11! I can't wait to play in the snow, and throw a snowball at my hubby when he's not looking! ... and then i'm askin' for it! he'll probably shove snow down my pants. Geez, i
pretty much forgot how that feels, to have snow down your pants, and it almost feels like a burnin' sensation as it melts, ooh. i told my hubby one day how i will live and die in flipflops,i just luv'em, then he said, "not when we go to Utah, you're not gonna wear'em! it's freezing," i sighed, then realized...that's probably true. Now i need some furry cute boots... ha ha.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chino Rocks!

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i went to the Team Sleep concert tonight, it was awesome, of course! Chino sounded amazing! i went with my bro and my hubby. This was our second time seeing them. So i had been looking forward to this! it was the first band me and Taylor saw when were dating, we weren't watching as much as listening, we were busy smooching, tee hee. This time we watched! The first band 'Monster in the machine' was pretty good, their band name doesn't fit them though, ha ha. The second band was 'Sonny' they had a unique sound, kinda odd singer though. The next band i hope to see is Radiohead, they are on my 'MUST SEE' list!!!! i love them!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Time to Deck my House

Hopefully we'll get our tree this week. I've decided I will spend the same amount for each gift i buy this year, as to save money. Since we're buying a truck soon, that's a gift! Geez, actually its more so a gift for my hubby since, he swears he won't let me drive it...Grrrrr. We'll see about that! I hope to go to glendale glitters again soon! i already went shopping during the day a 2 weeks ago with my mom and got this adorable vintage 'believe' sign (hmm.. i need to add some garland around the door). We were too tired by the time the lights were on at night, so i must go back! We have so much fun shopping and scoping out 'The Cottage' and the antique stores. It's dangerously divine..... trying not to splurge too much! Well, i need to start decorating the house to bring in the holiday spirit!

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