Friday, December 26, 2008

it's a wrap...

It's not even the new year yet...let alone spring...and I'm already anxious to do some housecleaning and organizing!!! (also because the Christmas dinner was at my house, so the kitchen's a mess). Really though, I want as little to worry about as possible before the baby arrives in April. But seriously, no matter how much you clean and organize, there's always more to be done, right? lol!

Two days before Christmas my sisters and mom came over for a girls night. We exchanged real gifts and elephant gifts which we all ended up with something with something we could actually use or applies to us. lol. And then we watched,"While you were Sleeping," which has always been a fav movie of ours. My sisters and I were laughing since our new LCD TV can show more details, the movie looked like a play or a reality show in a

For Christmas my husband gave me a new LG Dare -touchscreen phone! I was such a pro-texter, now I have to get used to typing on a screen, lol, but I do love it! My parents came over for Christmas, as well as my brother and girlfriend. We had a delicious Christmas dinner. And watched "Christmas Vacation," (which there's always a few parts we have to self edit!) And of course drinking Martinelli's sparkling apple-cranberry and grape hit the spot!

My husband and I gave a copy of the church movie, "Testaments," to a good friend and neighbor, who we've talked to a lot about the gospel with. He's been talking with the missionaries a couple times. So I'm praying and praying his heart will be ready. We are giving him a Book of Mormon soon. We just felt the movie would be good first, so his family can also watch it too. I love doing missionary work! I love it, love it, LOVE IT!

*WARNING* After Christmas sales are sooo fun and dangerous! (but hey, we're saving money right?)

Friday, December 19, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

Vintage golds and reds to enrich,
fluffy feather birds, butterfly wings,
and when my Christmas kitty looks like a grinch,
'Christmas Vacation' and good ol' 'Charlie Brown',
Oh, what Christmas joys to be found!
Homer Simpson is my santa,
the air is crisp, just enough for some cider,
snuggling by the warm glow of our new 46' LCD TV ~whoa Momma!
the scrouges come out in every town,
Wait, Bah Humbug! they're always around!
singin' along to Christmas songs to drive your family insane!
making fresh cookies for the neighbor next door,
the smells of pine, gingerbread and holly berry make my day!
the angels that we meet,
reflect on the blessings this past year,
and most of all the reason for it all,
The birth of our Lord and Savior,
So infinite and dear.

P.S. I know this poem was really lame, I just wanted the pics to be more fun to look at. I honestly write way better poetry than this! If you want proof, I'll email one to ya! LOL!

Friday, December 5, 2008

drum roll please....

Today I had my ultrasound! the past month and a half I tried not to assume the gender since I knew that either one would be great news! Taylor and I are both excited. I can't wait to see our baby girl melt Taylor's ♥heart♥. It was soo fun to see her move she has the most perfect profile! I've heard many say the most manly-rough-tough-sporty of men, cherish and love having a daddy's girl. And Taylor is such a 'MAN-LY MAN'! he'll be wrapped around her finger! ha ha! I can't wait for her to be in our family! I've been giggly all the day long!
My little baby bump!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Friday in Old Glendale

This is the first black Friday I didn't have to work on out of who knows how many years! It was odd not to be at a job selling SOMETHING! LOL! Anyway, Every year my mom and I count down til when we get to go crazy shopping in old Glendale. We go to these little adorable gift boutiques in old homes and antique stores. We find the cutest Christmas gifts and decor you can't find anywhere else. Oh, wait, maybe I shouldn't have told ya our secret. Hmm... oh well. We had my mother-in-law come with us which was so fun. We had a lovely time "oooh-ing" and "ahhh-ing" over cute nick nacks and deciding what to splurge on ourselves or others. We had fun trying on vintage hats, which I collect, and had to contain myself from buying! (I love how I found one that matched my mum's shirt!). You have to shop early in the day, since the shops close around 4-5 PM. So by that time, we are soo wiped out to enjoy the Glendale Glitters fun, so I'm going there at night really soon!!!! Anyway, It wasn't crazy there since everyone else is shopping at "hot spots," so I enjoyed having no crowds or traffic! neener neener!
(what a silly look on my face lol.)
I bought an adorable black shelf with drawers, adorable puffy snowman and vintage tree with bells. I can't wait to hang the shelf up and put things on it throughout the year!)
I found this quilt a couple weeks ago and got a killer $10 bucks off the original price and bought one for my mother-in-law for X-mas and one for me. It has slots to slide pictures into! how cute isn't it! I'm trying to collect Christmas keepsakes each year to have for my family to enjoy each year, and I simply adored this!