Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Angel has Arrived!

Keira Brooklyn Murphy

Born: April 19th, 2009
Time: 5:16 PM
Weight: 10 lbs. 1 oz.
Inches: 20 1/4

So there I sat with swollen huge feet & ankles on Saturday night and of course there was no darn way to get comfortable period! I had a couple contractions, but not close enough to labor. My OB had us scheduled to be induced on my actual due date Monday night April 20th ~unless~ I went into labor before hand. My hospital bag was pretty much set. And I was definitely ready to see my sweet lil' girl. So I went to sleep and around 12:15 AM Sunday mornin', I awoke to feeling a gush of water... I was so confused... bladder issues? or uh... did my water just break?! I yelled for my husband who was still awake studying and he wasn't sure either, of course! lol! Well, we knew it was pretty obvious my water did break! I had to sit on a stack of towels on the way to the hospital ~how fun!~ lol! and lo and behold here is our angel! And yes, I am still in shock how big she weighed! it took me forever to even look pregnant and I thought I was safe having a girl, thinking she'd be born small like I was. But nope, the Murphy genes are all her, Taylor was a 9 pound baby, his brother was a 10 pounder, AND his dad was whoppin' 12 pound baby! But she is so well proportioned and doesn't even have really any "baby fat" & she still looks small to me, especially in her daddy's arms! ~lol~ Keira is the most precious mellow baby ever! She has her dad's big luscious pouty lips (eat your heart out botox-ers!) and her eyes look like a deep blue, but still unsure. But her head shape and cheeks look just like mine did as a baby. Her nose is a Sher-Taylor combo, sooo cute! Anyhow, we are both doing great. I'm so very grateful to the Lord that she was born very healthy & to have her part of our family. I've looked forward to motherhood so much. Everything I went through during & after was worth it. We are so in love with her!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Shower Recap

My sister Rochelle took this picture of me & designed the adorable invitations (and we made up the cute quote!) And she made the cakes & cake tier! she's amazing!

Well, I finally got the pictures from the baby shower in March. It was so much fun! we had a great turn out even though it was on spring break weekend. Both of my sisters Rochelle & Shantil hosted it and did awesome! they did a girly glam theme, for the guests to wear we had girly metallic pearl necklaces and little diamond rings (you ctake from people if they said the word, "cute") Shantil did the games, one where everyone drew cute dress designs and I had to "go shopping" and choose my favorite for the prize (that was tough!) and we played a great ice breaker game, so everyone learned something unique about each other! It was soo much fun! I was so happy my mother-in-law Janna could come down from Utah! She helped me out a ton! Thanks to everyone for the gifts & made this a great turn out! *muah* (and thanks for the sweet gifts from those who couldn't make it!) My mom made this cute afghan and gave me a stuffed animal similar to one I loved when I was little :)
My friend Lisa made these little knitted booties & a matching beenie! soo cute!
My tiara says "Mother to Be" :)
My friend Teri is a Quilting Diva ~she rocks!~

My sister-in-law Kate gave me this awesome bag that can be used for everything,
including a diaper bag!
it is sooo Meee, good job!!!

I can't wait to use everything! ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting closer to the End...

Well, I have 8 days until she comes, but of course I may go past my due date! Well, I had my last day of work on April 3rd and believe me it's been strange to not be working, but it's also been so nice to finish up the last minute things I need to get done before the baby arrives, not to mention it's so hard to get around and it's nice to rest. I was so blessed to work for a great doctor and office staff that I will miss working with...But I'm onto a new faze in life that I've been looking forward to so much. I also had fun finally seeing one of the very first people I met when I first moved to AZ, my friend Lisa, we are both expecting our first baby, so we've had fun talking online throughout our pregnancies, comparing the similar and different things through each trimester. She's due a couple weeks after me with a boy. Well, I'm finally finishing up the nursery, (yes, I will post pics as soon as it is done!), and a BiG thanks to my dear mother for helping me accomplish that! (hugs~n~kisses to you!). I also got the car seat inspected/installed, my hubby and I got CPR certified (which I've always wanted to do), took the labor/birth class, all the baby clothes/blankets pre-washed (in hypo-allergenic detergent of course!), a pretty good stock on diapers/baby wipes, and my-oh-my an endless supply of baby wash/shampoo and lotion that I got from my shower (thanks!), and I've almost got my hospital bag complete! (but still need my hubby's done). Oh and yes, finally got pampered with my sister and got pedicures, not as fun with swollen ankles and feet, but still relaxing. I'm now just cleaning as usual, enjoying the baby moving, cherish the last moments of just me & my husband before parenthood, Oh, and of course having him pamper me, or maybe let's say...slave for!