Monday, May 26, 2008

Project: Dandelion

So I decided it was time redo my main bathroom colors. I decided on tan/blue/brown tones. I'm very pleased with the turn out. I had canvas boards just waiting to be put to use. So I soaked muslin fabric in boiled water that had lots of tea bags to tint the water so the fabric dyed to a nice beige/tan color. Then stapled it to the canvas. Seriously why not make your own? you could buy one already made with art on it at the store for $30+ bux or more. But I wanted my own unique original flair! I miss doing art. I usually am best at doing pencil sketching & charcoal. So I wanted to try out acrylic painting. I love dandelions. And looked at lots of pictures of them. Then I just collaborated the pics I liked. I actually free-handed the dandelion myself. Which was risky in case I messed up. But i went for it! ~and it turned out quite awesome!!! I LoVe it! What do ya think?! It was exactly what I wanted for the last perfect touch to the finished decor. Oh yeah! (Click to enlarge for detail.)

Wii love it!

So much for the "in action"!

Taylor's brother just got a Nintendo Wii. We have had a blast playing it! We want one...but admit it wouldn't be as fun on a smaller TV screen. Sooo~ we want to save up for a bigger TV ~ and then get the Wii !!!! Taylor and his dad were havin' a blast playin' tennis against each other. Taylor kept beating all of us...the lucky punk!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Amazing Mother

Generous, kind, Christ-like, puts others before herself, optimistic, full of love, encouraging, comforting, sweet, fun, adventurous, smart, strong, faithful, endures anything, beautiful, gentle, great cook, makes amazing homemade bread & pizza, she makes every event and moment a blast! These are just a few amazing qualities of my mother, Rosemary. It's quite funny to think about when i was a teen going through adolescence, my mother and I didn't see everything the same way, but it's funny as I got older, we do see things more the same way. Realizing it doesn't matter who's "right" anyway! I just know that my mother has always put me and my family first. She stayed home and raised us till we were older and always put a delicious dinner at the table. She made home a true refuge. Right when I came home, I would hear relaxing music, or smell her bread in the oven, or just see her doing motherly things that made me always feel loved. A mother truly makes a home, a real home. I wouldn't be where or who I am without my dear mother. She took us to the beach on weekends or simple road trips for some spontaneous fun leaving many sweet memories. She always uses random words to explain something our family had no clue what the word meant, she's a walking human dictionary! ha ha! My mom loves music and going to rock concerts and many things most moms won't do. People couldn't believe the way my mom was, because she was so fun and apt to go and do anything for fun. She truly is a teenager at heart. She looks so great for her age, people can't believe her age and that she's a grandma! When she's out with me or my sisters people think my mom is our sister! ha ha! I believe her attitude, high spirit, continuous energy & love for life makes her glow and look younger than ever! It's funny when you hear people say, "Oh No! i'm becoming my mother," because the simple fact is... I want to become my mother! I am so blessed to have my mother. She shines as a great example to me everyday in so so many ways. I've told her many times that I'm sorry for all the bad things I did from the time I was little kid being a trouble maker till the time I was crazy teenager. One last true phrase I will also admit... Mother knows best!

For Mother's Day I surprised my mom with the fragrance she wanted, 'Betsy Johnson' she had no clue I was getting it for her! it was so fun to surprise her! We both had fun spraying it on! i even would'nt mind wearing that scent. So, the phrase "You smell like your mother!" would be a compliment! ha ha! My sister and I had fun taking funny pictures with my mom, she is sooo fun! I LOVE MY Beee-autiful MUM!
~Funny Face~ & ~Frightend Face~ LOL!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the Luv Mag

ADMIT IT! We have ALL wanted to be on the front of a magazine! so make one! i did!!!! *tee hee*

rate my fake mag i created at the link below!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wedding Scrapbook Sneakpeak

It was so boring looking at just these photos in some photo album. It makes such a big difference to scrap them up with some elegant paper and personal touches! i have 16 pages done so far. Here are just a few.

Click pic to enlarge