Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toddler Tales

Last night as I took my two and half year old daughter to bed, she immediately said, "Say prayer?" twice! and it made me smile and feel so grateful that she is learning and wanting to pray. I strive to make sure she is learning to see when we need to pray and that we can pray for everything. She's heard me pray to find my keys when they're missing. We pray for daddy and his safety. I even make sure she hears me pray that I will be more patient and be the best mom I can be for her. I think once you become a parent you really start to put yourself in check mode. Because anything I'm not doing that I should be doing, she won't be learning. So I'm grateful that I have to push myself even more to make sure she see's and learns what is important to our family. Which in turn she strengthens and teaches her father and I. The most important thing to me is teaching her to know her Heavenly Father and to gain a strong testimony. To always trust and stay close to the Lord.

Yesterday, I was tired and moody. And I overreacted and yelled at Keira for tipping a cup purposely upside down and getting water everywhere. I immediately hugged her and looked at her and said I was sorry for yelling at her and then I asked her if she forgives me. She responded, "That's okay mommy," twice. I was astounded when she had that response. It's just so evident that children really do learn fast and do soak up everything! I am grateful for that experience.

One of her lines she says all the time is, "Oops, that's okay, it happens!" :) it's so cute and makes me laugh everytime. She also says often, "I love ____" and she says the item or thing that she's doing or looking at. It's just darling. And boy does she love chocolate. If you even just say the word, she starts looking everywhere for it saying, "Chocolate?" hee, hee, hee. She's so good at washing her hands and saying, "thanks" and "you're welcome!" She's also been singing, "Twinkle, twinkle, whittle star," and "Row, Row, Row da boat!"

Keira has been getting more interested in sitting on the toilet a lot the last couple weeks. I got the Prince Lionheart Weepod toilet insert seat months ago, and she did not want to sit on it. But finally she wants to very often. So this past Sunday we tried to see if she would really try to use it. We got her go in her small potty once (but she had her undies still on, haha!) and then she did use real toilet one once. I gave her couple mini M&M's as her potty prize. It seemed to work well, but... the rest of this week, she hasn't wanted to try or even sit on either potty. Soo.....ugh. I'm trying to decide what to do, because I don't want to force her, since I've heard from many that it'll just make them not want to do it and make them hate it. Which will make it take longer for them to finally do it.

Well, yesterday morning I was on my way to get an eye exam. And as we almost got there, she barfed in the car. So I had to cancel it and go home to clean her up. She had eaten some yogurt and raspberries for breakfast. It's been a long time since she has barfed in the car. Since the two times in the summer (which were both from the string cheese she'd eaten.) So, again it was after she ate something that was dairy. It's just odd. Dairy and driving, just don't mix for her. She gets car sick or something. Sigh...poor thing. And seriously, why must they make the car seat so dang hard to take apart just to get off the dang cushion so you can wash it?!!!

Anyhow, it's tough keeping up to clean up all her little messes and random things tossed all around the place. But thanks to nursery, she's does help me clean up way more, while singing the 'clean-up' song. And on top of that, I'm begging my husband to clean his side of the room too. I told him for Christmas I want my room entirely clean and pretty. Haha!

I have been loving this cold weather! We're hoping to go up to Flagstaff soon to see Keira play in the snow for the first time. We reeeally need a little family outing. Keira and I are in desperate need of getting out the house and doing something fun as a fam.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tube-ular ;)

The last show I was hooked to was the "Glenn Beck Program" (well actually...pretty much Fox News in general). I had it on everyday. Practically all day. Which you can imagine what it did to me. I became a tea party lover, anti-Soros supporter, eager to learn history, concerned about my country, the world and the future for my family. But don't worry, I've calmed the Fox News and Beck obsession dramatically. I just watch here and there now! :)

Anyhow before that, I don't think I've been really hooked to any television series since I was a teen. I was obsessed with 'Felicity'. I could not miss an episode. I had to make sure to set it up to record on the VHS, hehe! I was smitten for Scott Foley. I loved the show mostly because, I was a hopeless romantic.

The last few years, besides watching stuff on HGTV and other random shows of interests and whatever my hubby was watching. I didn't care that I didn't have a show to be hooked on. I tried to watch a couple popular shows I heard were good, but found most of them distasteful or not my cup of tea. So, I was fine with watching, "Are you being served?" and "Seinfeld" reruns. I love those.

But this past fall, I decided to DVR some new shows that looked fun and just give'm a go. So my hubby and I have been watching, "New Girl", "Up All Night" and "Whitney". We really like them so far. There's a couple thangs here n' there, that are not favorable. But all-in-all, they're not too distasteful that I feel evil for watching (haha!). It's been kinda fun to have something that my husband and I get to look forward to enjoy and laugh at together. {While cuddled up on the couch holding hands..}

The other show I'm truly hooked to is, "Parenthood". It's not "trying too hard," if ya know what I mean. There's interesting plots throughout it. And the way they film and direct it, I find tasteful. It makes me laugh outloud. It makes me bawl. I even posted about it on Facebook confessing that "now it's my mom's turn to spy and laugh at me if I'm crying at any given moment about anything. It's the automatic default once becoming a mom. And deeply embracing life's moments." I'm fine with turning into my mom, in other areas that I swore I wouldn't. Because those things she did that I laughed at, are normal, when your a woman and a mom. :)

I also like, "Ringer" with good ol' Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's just a fun soap-opera like plot, but it's just fun and can't help but be hooked it.

Now that I have shows that I enjoy. I can't let them prioritize over things I should be doing. Believe me there's always times when I'm reeeally sick of the tube being on and just want it off for a long while and enjoy music or silence. And indeed when sports takes over...haha! (my man deserves to watch his sports of course, I just hate when it takes up so much time and then I get needy and want quality time together. I'm a typical needy wifey, I know.) But I know I'm married to a man...and to his love for sports. They go hand-in-hand. And I accepted that, haha!

Back to my point, I never want to get too sucked into the tube and let it consume too much of my time. Especially the time I should be reading my scriptures. But I don't feel guilty finally having some shows that help me unwind, give me some good laughter in at the end of the day. Hopefully the shows will remain good. Otherwise, I will turn off the tube. And wait another decade and try again. Haha.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Forget the turkey mom, I want pumpkin pie!

She was dancing like a cute lil' 'Peanuts' character, it was so cute!
e had a nice quiet Thanksgiving as a family at home. Taylor helped me do a small turkey breast and I found a yummy marinade recipe for it, and it turned out so moist and delish! I admit I cheated and used instant organic mashed potatoes and stuffing, which they both tasted amazing! But I made my own sweet yams, deviled eggs and Paula Deen's Pumpkin Pie recipe and used Martha Stewart's Pate Brisee pie dough (Taylor loved the pie!) We ate in the early afternoon and Keira only ate a roll and some pumpkin pie, then she went out for a nap. So it was just Taylor and I enjoying our feast. I thought for sure she'd go crazy over the yams. Oh well, she's in a picky faze though. Taylor had his football game on...of course! And after Keira's nap we played some of our own toss football outside and I gave her a piggy back ride. She looooves piggy back rides! It was a perfect cool and cloudy day! :) Then I made Keira a turkey feather hat. She made the cutest lil' turkey eVer!

I decided the last week before Thanksgiving I'd post some things I'm grateful for on Facebook. Here's what I posted:

"I'm grateful for the amazing things I learned at church today. I love feeling the spirit."

"I'm grateful for my daughter. Her smile, laughter, silly personality and when she gives me running hugs. It's the greatest gift and bliss ever."

"I'm so grateful for my amazing husband. He's one of the hardest workers I've ever known. Always proving me that you can do anything you put your heart & mind into. And his crazy innate ability to truly have me figured out and knows how to always make me laugh, especially when I need to. There's not one day I don't feel lucky to be his wife. ♥ "

"I'm grateful for the many appliances that make life easier. I forever praise the women that did e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g before they existed. I'm reminded especially when one breaks...I'll never take them for granted! :D "

"So thankful for the Lord and all He's given me. Happy thanksgiving!"

We got our Christmas tree and house lights done over the weekend. And I pretty much got all my gift shopping done, even before black friday! Hah! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keira & The Sugar Lollies!

Keira gettin' ready to do a rock star jump off the ledge...not really of course, but someday! ;)
~Don't even think of taking her lollipop!
eira LOVED being a Rock Star for Halloween. Like I said before, she just loves saying,"I Rock!" at random moments. Just a few days ago she yelled it out loud in the grocery store, it was so cute and funny! She gets so excited to put her costume on! And she still has a boot fetish, she loooves her boots!
Rock Star is ready to pass out even before even trick-or-treating! not for long...
Rock Star is alive & kickin' after her sugar rush now! she loves lollies & chocolate!

I'm so thrilled with how her costume came out, it's exactly how I imagined it. For months I searched for the pieces I imagined for it. So I found the darling skirt and tights on Etsy, the skirt was exactly what I wanted, gray/black houndstooth with chains! They're both slightly big on her, but at least she'll now just get to wear it longer! :) Which makes it more worth the money too! You always think making your own costume will be cheaper...but nope, not for me this time...hahaha! I had fun designing her shirt myself! I hand-cut and embroidered the guitar, used an iron-on star and hearts for the tuners, and I used fabric silver glue and free-handed the words. And I made the bracelets.
I've been obsessed with sugar skull/day of the dead makeup. So I had to try doing my own! When Keira saw me she said,"Tiger! Rawr!" Hahaha! it was so funny! (I want to try doing some more versions...a scary one especially). And ya'll know I gotta have my fake lashes! I love these ones with rhinestones on each end! And I busted out my gothic wig again, it just went with the look so well ;)
Mr. Kitty perched right next to my pumpkins just as I clicked the picture of them ~ Purrr-fect timing! Haha! I carved a Jack Skellington design in the big pumpkin, and then did a cute lil' pumpkin face on Keira's pumpkin.

It took awhile for Keira to finally say, "Trick or Treat," while gettin' candy, and when she did, she yelled it loud and drawn out and made us and the neighbors all laugh! And then after that she would only say it cute and quietly!...haha! such a funny girl. I love her to pieces! Anyhow, hope your Halloween was spooktacular!

Friday, October 21, 2011

There's no such thing as fall in Arizona, in case ya didn't know.


ast weekend Taylor and I went to the Evanescence concert, they have a new album out and I'm soo digging it. I begged Taylor to let me go as my early Christmas gift, plus we hadn't been on date in eons...and we love going to rock concerts and it'd been forever since we went to one. So he gave in! :) The opening bands playing were The Rival Sons, and the dude can sing! Definitely a nice & fun 70's rock feel...
And the other band was, The Pretty Reckless...Be ready to blown away by a natural born rock goddess...I couldn't wait to hear her live and indeed, she was AWESOME! Nice band choices Amy picked to tour with her!

Taylor Momsen's bluesy rock voice is sultry, sincere and enrapturing. She was in the TV series "Gossip Girls," (which I never watched) and now she's doing what she's always wanted to do, which is to sing. As we all know not many actors/actresses can pull off the singing thang...but Holy Mother of Rock-N-Roll...SHE CAN! She's only eighteen, which makes her talent even more incredible. So eat your hearts out Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and all the rest of the annoying wanna-be gal actor/singers...haha! I can't wait to see her music evolve and hopefully keep real rock alive and burning. I wouldn't, of course, ever want my daughter, if she were older, to idolize her clothing style and raw melancholy lyrics, but I just can't resist rocking & working out to her! (And my husband too!)
"What you Want" ~the new single from Evanescence~
Amy Lee looked so thrilled to be back on stage and she sounded fantastic. I loved when she sang with just the piano. And her new band players sounded so good. I can't wait to listen to the new album! I didn't try to bring my camera into the concert, but I should've...Grrrrrrr! It was such an awesome concert.

Anyhow we also got to finally take Keira to a Pumpkin Patch for the first time. We went in the late afternoon and it was still in the high 90's!!! lame and unharvesty is that?! But Keira still had fun, she liked playing in the "Three Little Pig" houses they had. she was so cute dancing in them. And then we went through the small corn maze, which was actually fun and tricky (it'd definitely be fun at night). Keira didn't have any interest in the animals. And we saved the pumpkin patch for last, we had only been there an hour, and we were all hot and tired ,and Keira was very pink and awnry, hahaha...I knew I should've taken Keira's pictures by the pumpkins first...but luckily I gave her some food and she then was happy again and played around the pumpkins, so I managed to get a few pictures...none of which she looked at the camera, of course...

I was SOOO exhausted all day from staying up late after the concert, but I just had to take Keira to the pumpkin patch this year. I just get super pumped after concerts...but sheesh, I can tell I'm getting old...oh well, I'll always be a concert junkie.

Alas, my cute new fall weather boots and sweaters still sit stagnant in my closet....until this wretched hot weather goes away...~Sigh~

Friday, September 2, 2011

She Totally Rocks... sad is it that the entire month of August I was having fun brainstorming costume ideas for my lil' cutie pie, instead of swimming or doing something fun & summery? Seriously, I hate that I can't love summer ALL because it's too hot where I live! I tried to make the most of it with my girl, but ugh, summer here is just too darn hot! Instead, I was just giddily counting down when I could get ready to bust out fall decor. I think I could deal with this brutal nasty heat better if it'd at least cool down at night. I won't ever get used to the hot weather, staying well into sometimes even really just seems like a crime in nature, even though it's the norm here. Anyhow, enough digressing! While having fun debating what to dress up my girl as for Halloween. I had decided on one, when suddenly I had to change it. Keira just loves watching the cartoon "Bubble Guppies," especially the episode about rock music! After watching her dance to it all summer and shouting daily, "I rock" into her pretend microphone, I realized...Hell-ooo! She has to be a ROCK STAR for Halloween!

Keira Totally RoCkS!!!

Isn't she adorable!!!!

(I had to upload the last video on youtube, since blogger wouldn't for some reason)

Friday, August 26, 2011


My Pinterest followers know I'm just a wee bit addicted, so I had to create my own theory and warning, haha! Pinning is therapeutic, really. It helps you wind down & relax, whether it's pictures, quotes, decorating or stuff to get creative juices flowing. I've been sick of Facebook for quite a long while, it honestly, {gulp, don't hate me for saying it}, just feels like high school all over again sometimes. But of course I still log on and like to see what my far away friends are up to and post random things that no one cares about, haha! Pinterest is just more fun than Facebook. Because you can truly just be yourself, just by pinning & inserting captions on whatever the heck defines you and not care what anyone thinks! :) Speaking of, it's past midnight and I must get off Pinterest and get to bed! ~Zzzzzz~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Profound Reflections On Our Divine Creator

I just loved this video the church posted on the Ensign page on Facebook. Excellent points made and neat quotes. It's very reflective. I love the quote he said from Astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington, "The more we learn abou the universe, the less it looks like a great machine, and the more it looks like a great thought." And I love how he said that science and religion represents two independent witnesses of creation, and when put together, it's like the vision seen with two eyes...the combination gives you a 3-dimensional perception.
"I Am God; I made the world and men before they were in the flesh." Moses 6:51

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nothing To Fear! Mommy Is HERE!

o, I've concluded that becoming a mother enables, well...more so forces you, to conquer a lot of fears. For example when your husband isn't around to be the hero for killing the scary spiders. YOU become the hero. But you make it more bearable by using the Swiffer as a spider squasher, that way you don't have to get as close to it, but still squealing while you do it. Then afterwards you're paranoid there's another one somewhere just ready to make another fun surprise.

Then there's night time, whether it's before or during the faze of when your child gets scared of the can't BE. You gotta be the tough one showing that there's nothing to be scared of. But after you've calmed them and gotten them to sleep, as you make your way to bed, you triple check every lock in the house, grab a flashlight and as you take a deep breath, you turn the light out and make a mad dash into bed as if there IS a monster behind your back, then you throw the sheets over your head while singing happy songs and praying to calm your jittery nerves! (...I may never completely conquer the fear of the dark thang.)

But my recent fear buster has guessed it....dun-dun-dunnn... Barf. Last Saturday after an exciting family outing at good ol' Costco, we were driving home and I had been glancing back at my usual happy little Keira, taking pictures of her with my cell phone. And then one of the times I glanced back at her, she looked at me with this concerned "uh-oh" look on her face. I said, "Awe, Keira are you okay? don't be sad..." Then I told Taylor about the 'look' that I had never seen before on her face. Then as my husband and I were chatting, we suddenly heard her making a choking sound. I had given her a cheese stick and some cookie Goldfish while were shopping. And we both looked back and saw her....toss the cookies....all over herself. Yay, the first car barf! ~woo-hoo!~

Poor Taylor doesn't have a very good gag reflex when he smells or sees vomit. I myself can't stand the sound, smell or look of it. Even if it's someone imitating it on a movie, I make Taylor skip it or mute it, because I hate the look or sound of it. But luckily to my surprise, I've been quite good at tolerating and maintaining a great gag reflex when facing it, at least with my child. We rolled down the windows and I kept consoling Keira and keeping her happy until we got home. Then we had to clean her and the whole car seat, etc. etc. Then I stayed home from church since we weren't sure if she was sick or not. She seemed back her to normal self. But then a few days later, tonight, I gave her another cheese stick an hour or so before heading out to meet up with my brother and his wife for dinner. And as I had just barely parked my car, before even turning off the engine....dun-dun-dunnnnn.....she tossed the cookies ~again! :P Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out if she's car sick or if it's the cheese. Because I gave her one yesterday and she was fine. But both times she tossed the cookies after eating that cheese and while driving in the car. So for now, I'm definitely NOT giving her those 'Frigo' cheese sticks!

As a mom, you must to the do stuff you've never done or or want to deal with. And before having your own kid, if someone else's kid barfs or has some other nasty accident, it was just un-bear-able... and you would find an easy excuse to escape the scene so you didn't have to deal with it. But once you're a mom, you become immune to it all. You don't have a choice, an excuse or a way of escape. Everything that was once terribly gross and unbearable to deal with, becomes no biggie and just becomes as normal and natural like everything else, eventually. Well, I can't wait for more future fear busters.... Ugh... Ha Ha!

Anyhow, onto a more fun subject...My husband was home for my birthday for the first time EVER!!! The enTire time I've known my husband these last 6 1/2 years (even while dating), has had to work out of town or state on my birthday. So I didn't get my hopes up for this year. But finally this time he was actually home! He surprised me with a sweet card and these fabulous pair of boots! ( I love seeing what kinda stuff he'd pick out for me, he really does an awesome job! :) I wouldn't have cared about him getting me a gift, since I was thrilled he was finally home.

My sweet sister Shantil surprised me with a cake and balloons, in which she was bummed that the bakery misspelled my name (of course, haha!). And she forgot candles so we just used Keira's candle from her birthday, haha!!! we just let it represent my last year in my 20's....(eeks! that's cra-zzzy!) She also gave me an original vintage 70's book copy of "What's Up Doc?" which is one of my favorite movies ever.

I love how in the picture above, my sister and I were both holding back our kiddo's from grabbing the cake, and we were totally oblivious to her son almost getting it, and that look on his face just starring at the frosting on his hand, as Keira looks like she's ready to do the same, is so hilarious! Hahaha!
I was also happy that my mom could be here for my birthday, she came down to finish up things to get her house ready to rent. My mom is my best friend, we always have a blast together. I'll miss her so much, but I'm so grateful that my dad was blessed with a good job. I can't wait to visit them and go to Tahoe, since they're so close to it!

Anyhow, I had my mom and Keira join Taylor and I for dinner, and we all went out to one of my favorite Italian restaurants Babbos! And I had the most amazing Three Cheese Macaroni, with Smokey Chipotle Cream Sauce blended with Cheddar, Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese, Bacon and Sausage on Penne Pasta, (I described it perfectly cause I just copied & pasted it from the site, haha!) It was SO delicious!!! And of course we all thoroughly enjoyed my free FATTENING dessert Zappoli (Fried Dough Balls topped with Honey, Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Topping) ~Droooooool~
And the perfect end to my birthday...RAIN! I was so thrilled when it started to rain after we left the restaurant. I savor every time it rains here in the desert, since we hardly get it! Keira and I had fun in the rain while it lasted. I had a lovely birthday, I appreciate all the sweet gifts from my friends and family. And I'm just so happy my husband was actually home. Being with him and my family was the best gift ever. For years I've been dying to go to the beach for my birthday, but it just never gets to happen. But this year I didn't even think about it once. All that mattered was being with my family. Who needs the beach?!

Friday, July 15, 2011

More than a Cyber Summer Fling...

You know you're having a lame-O summer when:

  • You're having more fun with your childs play dough than they are.
  • You're purposely taking cold showers with your swimsuit on while imagining your standing under a waterfall.
  • You're justifying your shopping spree to your husband because you were sick of having cabin fever and just wanted to get out of the house.
  • You're giddy about having more tan lines appear than your usual farmer's tan.
  • Your thrill for the day is re-living your teen years by listening to your favorite 90's grunge rock while reading your old journals while laughing at how naive & pathetic you were.
  • You're ridiculously excited to go to the dentist.
  • You're getting over-dressed to go grocery shopping since it's your "Me" time to finally get a break from your crazy kiddo.
  • And lastly, like those good ol' days of having a summer fling, you've made one, but not a human one, a cyber one, one with a seriously addiciting website called Pinterest, which makes you literally want to try, make and eat everything you see, but yet you have to force yourself to peel your eyes off the dang website and scurry to close the internet, if you ever want to try to attempt to make those vonderful ideas & things actually happen. And then ya kinda hafta remember to devote and cherish your quiet time with you and your man, instead of this compulsive cyber-fling. Because even though he doesn't show it, you know he's getting jealous of the relationship you've formed with it. Let alone, he isn't aware that you've made a new cyber-soulmate girlfriend from it, who shares the same interest in darn nearly every {little} thing. And he has no idea how dangerous it'll be if the two of you ever get the chance to go shopping together (..hopefully more than wishful thinking..). Anyhow, Pinterest may need to put a permanent warning banner, or better yet a web timer that will automatically log you off for a long duration, so it forces you to resume to your list of duties, as you know you should not procrastinate doing!!! :)

    But! dear Pinterest, I must tell you... you are truly my cyber-soulmate.
    And well......i love you.
    You are more than just a cyber-fling,
    you're my cyber-dream! ♥ ♥ ♥
i love you Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeping up with Miss Busy Bee

For Father's Day I had to make this cute card idea that I found. You just trace your child's hand and then cut it out with paper doubled. Then just cut a long strip of paper and fold it over and under until it can fold in and out accordian style. Then you write "I love you" or "We love you" on the hand and inside write "this much" it's a darling way to have a cute memory of their little hand. He loved it!

And since he didn't get home till late on Father's Day since he had to work. I made him a yummy breakfast the next morning. Taylor is such a wonderful husband and father. I love watching Keira run to him when he gets home from work. He picks her up and she's so happy to see him. The first thing she does is take off his hat and put it on herself, or she'll take off his sunglasses and put them on. Then she loves to inspect what may be hiding in his shirt pocket. I keep telling him that he should hide something in there once in awhile just for her to find. She'd love that. Another cute thing Keira likes to do is when Taylor is sitting, she'll climb up to his shoulders and then slide down his stomach and say, "Wheee!" like she's going down a slide. It's so funny and cute! Anyhow, luckily I managed to finally get my husband to let me get a picture of him with our girl. (He's usually in his work clothes all dirty when I want to take pictures of him with Keira.) And I love this picture of them earlier this year at church.

Anyhow during Spring, I was fretting about what the heck I was going to do to entertain my toddler indoors all summer. Just a reminder, our Summer is our Winter here in Arizona, this is when we hibernate. You get burnt, parched and fatigued after just one hour outside. Let me tell you, it was soooooo, soooooo, soooooo, soooooo (hopefully you got the picture) nice to have a cooler May and June, the coolest in years, I savored every moment I could outside.

Anyhow, so far this is what I've done to keep the busy bee "busy". I got her play dough, (which by the way, I still love the smell of!) We use cookie cutters and shape toys to cut out the dough with. I like to make animals for her too (the one below is a pink dog). I got her a princess tent a couple months ago. Which will be fun for her to play in for a long time. I've taken her to the splash park and the swimming pool often. And she loves playing in the sprinklers. Back in May we were at the park and the huge sprinklers came on and she immediately left the playground to go play in them. I, of course, couldn't resist and joined her! heehee! I got her a fun water table. That way she can play under the patio cover so I don't have to worry about too much sun and she can still play with water, when we can't swim. (The only down side was that the heat caused the legs to reshapen and now it stands funny! :P)

She had to climb inside to try to swim in it! hahaha! And whenever she gets bored or has lost interest in almost everything, all I have to do is open my closet and she'll just start putting on my heels and walk around, change shoes, and play with my necklaces. She loves being in mom and dad's room (what kid doesn't?) She rocks at walking in high heels...Haha! She's always loved shoes, any shoes, ever since she could walk. She's also crazy about her boots from last fall. She loves to wear them. She still managed to get them on when I thought they woudn't fit (being barefoot helped) But yesterday, she put them on and her feet were squeezed in so tight, I just had to sneak them away and store them in the garage. I let her play in them as long as I could. Sad day. I'll miss her in those boots. But I'll get her a new pair this fall and hopefully she'll be just as crazy for them. The latest milestones for Keira has been being able to count to ten for awhile now. She's drank from sippy's for a long time now, but would only drink milk from her bottle, but I got her to stop almost two weeks ago, yay! Next thing to tackle. The binky. I try to give it to her when she sleeps, because she literally will not sleep without it. Even when I hide it during the day, she goes around and looks around for it saying, "binky?" ~sigh~ As for foods she's still a cheese freak like her mom. She loves PB&J sandwiches. And she hate's pickles. Keira also just did her first painting a few days ago. for weeks she's always grabbing my paint brushes and pretending to paint. So I let her try it and of course she loved it.

{Keira hates pickles, she got that from dad, which makes him happy!}

So we went to Chuck E. Cheese on Tuesday. And holy crapola! We ordered the pizza first and sat down to wait for it. Meanwhile Keira was freaking out in the high chair, dying to run around and explore. So since the pizza took forever, I took her out and followed her around and let her go on some rides. Then when the pizza finally came. She fought me while putting her back in her chair. And she just whined loudly and kept pushing away any food or drink we tried to give her. She even pushed away her favorite snack...'Annie's' fruit snacks! (they are so yummy, if I must say so myself!) So finally she realized her squawking wasn't getting her anywhere, she finally grabbed some pizza and took a chill pill. ~Whew-Wee!~ Crazy girl I tell ya.

Taylor and I chased her around a little more, she didn't care about the rides anymore, she was just running about everywhere. She is so fast and hard to hold on to, whether at home or anywhere else. Some toddlers her age are a bit more hyper than others I've noticed. And mine is one of them. Luckily she's not a real trouble maker. But I just pray this will be her crazy peak and then she'll mellow out a bit by age three. Mainly, I just want her to stay close to me when we go places. Because she's quite the busy bee, I always keep my eyes on her when we're out somewhere, but she is seriously fast. Buzzing from one thing to another. Like I said, she'a great work out. But if three is worse than two like some moms have experienced. Then Heaven help me! :D ~hahaha!~