Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess Whoo Turned 1!?

Keira had her first birthday on April 19th. We celebrated it this past Saturday with family. I could not resist this owl theme, because of the clever invitations and pinata! And the cool thing about the pinata was that instead of hitting it, everyone holds a string and pulls, so even Keira got to hold one! Surprisingly, Keira was not into digging her dainty little fingers into the cake and devouring it! She acted quite uninterested, she only ate a little bit. She was far more interested in the candle! haha! She's never been a messy eater in general!

I even found an owl frame that I painted to match!
Since I have only one niece & five nephews I tried to make the activities not too girly. We did "Pin-the-bow on the Owl". I drew the owl on a big poster board and cut out pink bows for the girls to put on the head, and blue bows for the boys to put on the owl like a bow-tie. It turned out quite spiffy! They all enjoyed it! Then we made owls out of paper sacks with wiggly eyes! Meanwhile, Birthday girl was darting all over in her walker beaming!

From her Aunts she got a Webkin Poodle, MegaBlocks, and an adorable swimsuit with lil' pom pom tassels! Grandma Murphy gave her clothes, books, shoes, and a cute little doll! Grammy Millet gave her books & made her a shopping cart seat cover! (I had fun picking out the fabric!) My best friend Afton, (we call her an Aunt though!) gave her the toy I was going to give her! a cute helicopter learning toy! (since daddy works on them! (also a cute owl cookie & glass cup/basket!) Thanks for all the gifts!!! I gave her a toy camera & Mickey Mouse books!


Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, cheese puffs, making a funny laugh, saying "Cat" and chasing him around the house, pointing, clapping & tapping her her feet! Giving daddy a big hug when he comes home from work! Playing in the bath! she really loves the real camera, cell phones, remote controls, & pretty much anything she shouldn't play with!

I have been enjoying every second watching her change & adoring her every day. She is truly such a blessing to us. Being able to raise her is the most gratifying privilege I'll ever have. She's worth more & means more than anything in the world.