Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Favorite Spring-a-ling Things

I've had Spring Fever for awhile now, since we've had some gorgeous breezy weather this past month, and especially once I saw all the adorable spring dresses for little girls and of course...sandals & flip-flops! So as I threw my boots to the back of the closet, I observed that my once large collection of flip-flops has greatly diminished. I've worn out every pair! So I currently can't claim the title of Flip-Flop Queen anymore, haha. I had many that I didn't want to throw away, cause I loved'em so much, but alas I had to, it's better to not risk slipping and falling on my tush in public! So I'm anxious to get some pairs of Okabashi flip-flops! They're ergonomic (minimize stress on knees, hip and back), made of Microplast (durable recycled plastic), they're non-slip, non-microbial, odor-resistant and best of all they're dishwasher safe and made in the USA! (I always compulsively look at tags to see where a product is made, and I seriously want to do cartwheels when I find something American made! I'm trying to buy all American-made goods, which is really hard!) Anyhow, again, how cool is it that you can plop your dirty flip flops in the dishwasher!? I love love love it!!! I can't wait to collect all the colors of the rainbow! :)

I was blessed with my mom's awesome nail genes, which grow insanely fast. But I'll only wear clear or natural-toned polish on them. Because everytime I paint my fingernails, I go crazy once they start chipping (in less than 2 days!) and I just end up taking it all off. So I've only done fun colors on my toes. But when I discovered the new O.P.I. -Shattered nail polish, I HAD TO TRY iT! I put a matte light blue as the base color and then the Shattered on top. I adore it! It kinda looks like a wild animal print! I have it on my toes too! My mom went crazy over it too and put it on her nails too! Now I don't think I will care when it starts to chip!

I love trying and discovering hair products, especially as I search for miracle products to tame my crazy waves so I can get it super straight. This new product I got from L'ANZA works pretty well. explains the product best: Lanza Strait-Line Smoother Straightening Balm is a light, greaseless styling balm that instantly alters curl memory and locks out humidity to eliminate curls and waves. Enriched with thermobotanicals to enhance moisture content, this balm increases straightening retention in hair that has been blown straight, and eliminates frizz and unwanted waves between shampoos. Key ingredients include Grapeseed Extract, a potent source of antioxidants, Vitamin B5 to add body and shine, and Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil to relax, nourish and protect the hair. Add sheen and luster while adding control to curls with Lanza Strait-Line Smoother Straightening Balm, the non-chemical, temporary curl relaxer in a bottle.

Attention Swiffer Lovers! Sick of wasting money on the wet pads? Or having to use a ton just to clean one floor efficiently? I kissed my Swiffer goodbye 4 months ago once Libman came out with their awesome Freedom Spray Mop! Just pour your favorite floor cleaning solution (mine is Plege Multi-Surface floor cleaner) into the bottle and squeeze the self-powered (non-battery) trigger and it will spray the solution, allowing you to choose how much you need to clean! It cleans the floor with a non-abrasive machine washable pad! I was sick of the expensive refills for the swiffer, but I refused to give into the mop and bucket! (eww, germs!) And I can tell you I love this waaay more than the Swiffer. Plus the Pledge cleaner makes my floors far more sparkly than the Swiffer did!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Your Group-ON!!!

If you still haven't discovered the amazing and addictive deals on Groupon, you're missing out! A couple of my fav deals I've gotten were $15 for $50 worth for Mixbook photo books, $29 for $300 worth in dental, $25 for $50 worth at Nordstrom Rack!!! convinced yet? Click here and snag your own super deal! :)

My recent deal $30 bucks for a $65 deal at a salon! And $10 bucks for $20 worth at Barnes & Noble!