Saturday, January 31, 2009

Think Pink

I went to my friend Robyn's baby shower. She's expecting a girl and naming her Chloe. So I decided to have fun, get my creative juices flowing and I made her, I like to call it, a memory jewelry box. Inside I put a couple memory journal cards in which she can write down special memories of her little girl and then her baby girl can use it as she gets older as a jewelry box. I worked hard on it and I'm so delighted with how it turned out! i LoVe it so much I'm making one for my baby girl too! (with my theme colors) Robyn is due Feb. 16th! and I'm now 28 weeks! (I know I'm small, but hopefully that will make it an easier delivery! lol!) I have 3 months to get my house in top shape and get the nursery done. I'll be posting the finished results of the nursery when it's done, so keep peeking in my blog here & there! Props to you Robyn for toughing out your hard pregancy! You go GiRL!

(Inside the lid the engraved charm says,"dream a little dream" ♥)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

HeLL0 2OO9!

So it's a new year...whether you call them resolutions or goals here are mine:
1) To be the best soon-to-be mom ever!
2) To share the gospel every chance I can
3) To look at the good things in every day
4) Remember that every trial is an opportunity for spiritual growth
6) Develop new & excel in my talents

7) Always surprise my hubby with random kisses
8) Thank my hubby daily for ALL he does for me
9) Start writing in my journal again (I used to be sooo good until I got married! ~I've written 25 journals in the past, all over 100 pages.)
10) To cherish every moment with my parents and family (love them no matter what & always be on good terms!)

(24 weeks!)