Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chronicles of the Baby Buddha Belly & Moi

So far being pregnant has been such an amazing experience. I'm in week 34 and I've been nesting my home since the beginning of the year, still working on the nursery, and well...the list goes on. The journey of my blessed pregnancy follows:
1st Trimester:
Beef- The smell/look/taste has disgusted me since two days before I found out I was expecting! I told my hubby to change the channel anytime there was a food commercial! lol! Not to mention I did not want to cook for myself or my man.

Food- I had to figure out what wasn't disgusting that day!

Fruit- That is simply all I craved fruit FRUIT & more fruit! (dozens of strawberries, nectarines, grapes, and clementines

Buffalo Wings!- Suddenly all I wanted was the buffalo wing sauce, not the chicken, just the sauce...mmm. Probably because of the vinegar in it, which is salty, you crave salt a lot during this trimester. My husband even once dared me to drink it straight when we were at Chili's since I had asked for an extra side bowl of wing sauce, and yes, I drank it straight! LOL!

Bagels & Cream cheese- for two weeks straight, this was the only thing I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mmmmmm.
Pickles & Ice Cream- Of course...I love both even not preggo. I could eat a whole jar of pickles in 3 days or less! LoL! And I still love & crave all dairy such as ice cream & yogurt.
Stomach aches- I had little stomach aches and small spell of nausea from smells & lack of wanting food.
{Zzzzzzz}- I was so tired by 6PM...forget housework!

2nd Trimester-
Didn't seem so disgusting & my taste buds came back! Energy was zapped back into me! And I was finally not so tired as early. But I tried to see if I could enjoy beef again ~Urks~ no sireee! yuck! i've just stuck with chicken/turkey.
Questions- Random thoughts & questions, "Am I where I should be?" etc~etc.
The BiG Ultrasound- After numerous detailed vivid dreams before we even started trying for a baby, I dreamed of having a boy over & over and even 2 nights before the ultrasound, I dreamed the ultrasound showed it was a boy. But on the big day, our tech saw very clearly, it was a GiRL! She saw that I was surprised and I told her about my dreams and she said, "Well don't always go by dreams, cuz I dreamed I was gonna have triplets & luckily that didn't happen," I looked at my husband to see what his reaction was, he smiled & was of course surprised & excited. Especially to tell his mom, who always wanted a daughter, and this is her first grand-child!!! So this lil' angel is gonna get ~SpOiLeD~!

3rd Trimester((so far))-
Charley Horses- in my leg & foot occuring while I'm sleeping! Owe! such an annoying pain! (yes, i'm staying hydrated & eating potassium, but they still happen!)
Back Pain- I already have back pain as it is, sooo, I knew when I was preggo it would be a big pain. Standing or walking for just a little bit brings on extreme lower back pain, I'm so blessed to have a sit-down job. I thank the Lord daily.
Tight Swollen Fingers- My sweet wedding diamond is worn as a necklace instead of a ring. I type a lot daily at work and thought I had arthritis or something, cuz my fingers were so tight and achy! Then I realized, OH, yes, that's part of pregnancy!
Oh joy!

Can't - get - my - darn - pants & shoes on!!!- Sheesh! what a task it is to do this daily. I'm now wearing shoes that you don't have to tie! And well, pants still plain suck.
Braxton Hicks- Occur often all day, everyday! Tight & Painful, especially when I get a swift kick in the rib at the same time! thanx darlin'! ;)
Movement- I enjoy every movement she makes, even when I'm trying to fall asleep. It's such a neat feeling & too hard to explain what if feels like to someone. It's fun to stare at my belly moving & wonder was that an arm, an elbow, fist, or a foot? I was hoping she'd kick my hubby while he was sleeping! and she did! my belly was against his back and he felt her kick & he said it woke him up, he said, "She's not even born yet & she's already waking me up, haha!"
Hard nights rest- Between trying to get comfortable, baby moving, changing sleeping positions, (I'm so sick of sleeping on my side!) and bathroom routines ~ I know the Lord is getting me ready for when the baby keeps me up at night for sure! ~sigh~
Belly Size- Everyone says I'm small for being 6 weeks away, but my OB says I'm where I should be and I'm fine with my size, especially cause of back pain, plus hopefully it will increase my odds of regular & easy delivery!

Labor & Birth Class- After scheduling the class weeks ahead, my husband got stuck working out of town days before & knew he wasn't going to be able to come to the class with me. I cried & cried days before the class, he felt so bad he couldn't be there, so he surprised me with a huge spring bouquet of flowers delivered to me at work the day before the class with a sweet note, and promised we would re-enact the everything he missed. Everyone remarked what a great husband I have. I agreed ~still pouting~... I love my Taylor, he's the best husband ever!

Anticipation: I can't wait to meet her! ! !