Friday, September 2, 2011

She Totally Rocks... sad is it that the entire month of August I was having fun brainstorming costume ideas for my lil' cutie pie, instead of swimming or doing something fun & summery? Seriously, I hate that I can't love summer ALL because it's too hot where I live! I tried to make the most of it with my girl, but ugh, summer here is just too darn hot! Instead, I was just giddily counting down when I could get ready to bust out fall decor. I think I could deal with this brutal nasty heat better if it'd at least cool down at night. I won't ever get used to the hot weather, staying well into sometimes even really just seems like a crime in nature, even though it's the norm here. Anyhow, enough digressing! While having fun debating what to dress up my girl as for Halloween. I had decided on one, when suddenly I had to change it. Keira just loves watching the cartoon "Bubble Guppies," especially the episode about rock music! After watching her dance to it all summer and shouting daily, "I rock" into her pretend microphone, I realized...Hell-ooo! She has to be a ROCK STAR for Halloween!

Keira Totally RoCkS!!!

Isn't she adorable!!!!

(I had to upload the last video on youtube, since blogger wouldn't for some reason)