Tuesday, March 25, 2008


David Cook - Eleanor Rigby

I'm not usually an "american idol" watcher. But i couldn't stop watchin' this season. I think David Cook just knows how to rock the stage. He's unique and he can take any freakin' song and make it his own! He just gets better and BETTER! I'm a rock music lover and i love this guy!!! Even if he doesn't win "idol" he's gonna have a record deal and i'll be one of his fans! neener~neener! HAH!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

On Easter i sang in the church choir in sacrament meeting. We sang "Easter Medley," which has parts of various easter hymns put together in one song, almost as telling the story of his death and ressurection. I think we sounded good! :)

After church i went to my parents house. My sister Shantil and her two boys Josiah and Dayton were there, as well as my brother Gerrit and his girlfriend Erica. We ate my mother's delicious feta cheese hamburgers, pasta salad, and carrot cake for dessert ~Yum~. Then we hid the easter eggs for the boys. It was quite fun to hide them and then watch them find them. We then listened to my amazing father and sister play some beautiful easter church songs on violin and piano. And Shantil sang "Consider the Lilies," a lovely song, i also sang it last year in choir. Everytime i hear them play i wish i had been focused on learning an instrument ~Grrr~. Taylor didn't get home till later in the evening unfortunately, but it was nice to spend time together since he'd been gone a few days.

I am so very grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. I know that Christ died for me and for every soul. And no gift is greater than the gift he gave us, which is eternal life. I know that by becoming like Christ i must have a "broken heart and contrite spirit," (3 Nephi 9:20). By repenting and forsaking my sins, it will bring me closer to Christ and my heavenly Father. Thus showing the Lord that his sacrifice for my sins was not in vain, but that i am blessed to use that great gift of his atonement.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Blabbering...

So yesterday i celebrated my nephew Dayton's 3rd birthday. He didn't want cake so we ate a pineapple platter, ha ha. My sister Shantil has taught her kids well on how to eat healthy that's for
S U R E ! i don't really remember my 3rd birthday...oh well.
Anyway my hubby has been working somewhere by Douglas, Az by the border since Thursday. Don't worry this is NOTHIN' compared to other work days he's done in the past. Anyway he might be home tonight or so. i get so aggravated when i think of all the illegal immigrants and the crime and issues that are caused by them. i honestly don't feel safe sometimes. Every time i watch the news i get paranoid....about everything! i really hope the next president really does something about illegal immigration. it really makes me want to eventually move to a different state just to feel safe... i would go into details but i'm not. lol. I'm not racist against them. i just believe in respecting our country and if you want to live in it then you keep our laws and learn our language. if i lived in a different country i would want to learn the main language, it only makes sense to....~S I G H~ Anyway...i feel like blabbering to somebody so whoever reads this i'd love to hear what you think..... what has happened to this country and society?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

la dee dAh!

SO. . . mY huBBy's b-day is Tuesday. It b i t e s cuz i can neva figure out what to get him without making sure it's the right bRand b.L.a.H blah bbblah. So he uSuallY figures or finds out whAt he's gettiN'... So trUly girLs are seriouSly way easier to buy things for & suRpriZing. CuZ all TayLor wants are atv stufF, tools, and stuff for the truck. So that all involves Large-O chunKs of Moo-LaH $$$. Besides that nothin' too groovy goin on. Just workin, and gettin' over a dumb cold/fever thanG. i would like to have movie/game night and have peeps over. i'm D Y I N G to do somethinG sOciaL. i adMit to my BoreDoM -o-K !

Thursday, March 6, 2008

i Love the Temple

Last Saturday my husband and i were finally able to attend the temple. I really wanted us to do sealings since we hadn't done them yet. It was an amazing beautiful experience. We were priveleged to watch and participate with a family doing work for great ancestors and their children being sealed together finally for eternity. What an amazing thing to behold. I testify that attending the temple renews our recollection of the vast blessings we can recieve. To take part of such a great work is so dear to me. I'm so very grateful to have a temple to go to and feel closer to my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. And i'm so very grateful that the family i have someday will be sealed to me and my husband beyond death.