Sunday, March 16, 2008

la dee dAh!

SO. . . mY huBBy's b-day is Tuesday. It b i t e s cuz i can neva figure out what to get him without making sure it's the right bRand b.L.a.H blah bbblah. So he uSuallY figures or finds out whAt he's gettiN'... So trUly girLs are seriouSly way easier to buy things for & suRpriZing. CuZ all TayLor wants are atv stufF, tools, and stuff for the truck. So that all involves Large-O chunKs of Moo-LaH $$$. Besides that nothin' too groovy goin on. Just workin, and gettin' over a dumb cold/fever thanG. i would like to have movie/game night and have peeps over. i'm D Y I N G to do somethinG sOciaL. i adMit to my BoreDoM -o-K !

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