Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toddler Tales

Last night as I took my two and half year old daughter to bed, she immediately said, "Say prayer?" twice! and it made me smile and feel so grateful that she is learning and wanting to pray. I strive to make sure she is learning to see when we need to pray and that we can pray for everything. She's heard me pray to find my keys when they're missing. We pray for daddy and his safety. I even make sure she hears me pray that I will be more patient and be the best mom I can be for her. I think once you become a parent you really start to put yourself in check mode. Because anything I'm not doing that I should be doing, she won't be learning. So I'm grateful that I have to push myself even more to make sure she see's and learns what is important to our family. Which in turn she strengthens and teaches her father and I. The most important thing to me is teaching her to know her Heavenly Father and to gain a strong testimony. To always trust and stay close to the Lord.

Yesterday, I was tired and moody. And I overreacted and yelled at Keira for tipping a cup purposely upside down and getting water everywhere. I immediately hugged her and looked at her and said I was sorry for yelling at her and then I asked her if she forgives me. She responded, "That's okay mommy," twice. I was astounded when she had that response. It's just so evident that children really do learn fast and do soak up everything! I am grateful for that experience.

One of her lines she says all the time is, "Oops, that's okay, it happens!" :) it's so cute and makes me laugh everytime. She also says often, "I love ____" and she says the item or thing that she's doing or looking at. It's just darling. And boy does she love chocolate. If you even just say the word, she starts looking everywhere for it saying, "Chocolate?" hee, hee, hee. She's so good at washing her hands and saying, "thanks" and "you're welcome!" She's also been singing, "Twinkle, twinkle, whittle star," and "Row, Row, Row da boat!"

Keira has been getting more interested in sitting on the toilet a lot the last couple weeks. I got the Prince Lionheart Weepod toilet insert seat months ago, and she did not want to sit on it. But finally she wants to very often. So this past Sunday we tried to see if she would really try to use it. We got her go in her small potty once (but she had her undies still on, haha!) and then she did use real toilet one once. I gave her couple mini M&M's as her potty prize. It seemed to work well, but... the rest of this week, she hasn't wanted to try or even sit on either potty. Soo.....ugh. I'm trying to decide what to do, because I don't want to force her, since I've heard from many that it'll just make them not want to do it and make them hate it. Which will make it take longer for them to finally do it.

Well, yesterday morning I was on my way to get an eye exam. And as we almost got there, she barfed in the car. So I had to cancel it and go home to clean her up. She had eaten some yogurt and raspberries for breakfast. It's been a long time since she has barfed in the car. Since the two times in the summer (which were both from the string cheese she'd eaten.) So, again it was after she ate something that was dairy. It's just odd. Dairy and driving, just don't mix for her. She gets car sick or something. Sigh...poor thing. And seriously, why must they make the car seat so dang hard to take apart just to get off the dang cushion so you can wash it?!!!

Anyhow, it's tough keeping up to clean up all her little messes and random things tossed all around the place. But thanks to nursery, she's does help me clean up way more, while singing the 'clean-up' song. And on top of that, I'm begging my husband to clean his side of the room too. I told him for Christmas I want my room entirely clean and pretty. Haha!

I have been loving this cold weather! We're hoping to go up to Flagstaff soon to see Keira play in the snow for the first time. We reeeally need a little family outing. Keira and I are in desperate need of getting out the house and doing something fun as a fam.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tube-ular ;)

The last show I was hooked to was the "Glenn Beck Program" (well actually...pretty much Fox News in general). I had it on everyday. Practically all day. Which you can imagine what it did to me. I became a tea party lover, anti-Soros supporter, eager to learn history, concerned about my country, the world and the future for my family. But don't worry, I've calmed the Fox News and Beck obsession dramatically. I just watch here and there now! :)

Anyhow before that, I don't think I've been really hooked to any television series since I was a teen. I was obsessed with 'Felicity'. I could not miss an episode. I had to make sure to set it up to record on the VHS, hehe! I was smitten for Scott Foley. I loved the show mostly because, I was a hopeless romantic.

The last few years, besides watching stuff on HGTV and other random shows of interests and whatever my hubby was watching. I didn't care that I didn't have a show to be hooked on. I tried to watch a couple popular shows I heard were good, but found most of them distasteful or not my cup of tea. So, I was fine with watching, "Are you being served?" and "Seinfeld" reruns. I love those.

But this past fall, I decided to DVR some new shows that looked fun and just give'm a go. So my hubby and I have been watching, "New Girl", "Up All Night" and "Whitney". We really like them so far. There's a couple thangs here n' there, that are not favorable. But all-in-all, they're not too distasteful that I feel evil for watching (haha!). It's been kinda fun to have something that my husband and I get to look forward to enjoy and laugh at together. {While cuddled up on the couch holding hands..}

The other show I'm truly hooked to is, "Parenthood". It's not "trying too hard," if ya know what I mean. There's interesting plots throughout it. And the way they film and direct it, I find tasteful. It makes me laugh outloud. It makes me bawl. I even posted about it on Facebook confessing that "now it's my mom's turn to spy and laugh at me if I'm crying at any given moment about anything. It's the automatic default once becoming a mom. And deeply embracing life's moments." I'm fine with turning into my mom, in other areas that I swore I wouldn't. Because those things she did that I laughed at, are normal, when your a woman and a mom. :)

I also like, "Ringer" with good ol' Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's just a fun soap-opera like plot, but it's just fun and can't help but be hooked it.

Now that I have shows that I enjoy. I can't let them prioritize over things I should be doing. Believe me there's always times when I'm reeeally sick of the tube being on and just want it off for a long while and enjoy music or silence. And indeed when sports takes over...haha! (my man deserves to watch his sports of course, I just hate when it takes up so much time and then I get needy and want quality time together. I'm a typical needy wifey, I know.) But I know I'm married to a man...and to his love for sports. They go hand-in-hand. And I accepted that, haha!

Back to my point, I never want to get too sucked into the tube and let it consume too much of my time. Especially the time I should be reading my scriptures. But I don't feel guilty finally having some shows that help me unwind, give me some good laughter in at the end of the day. Hopefully the shows will remain good. Otherwise, I will turn off the tube. And wait another decade and try again. Haha.