Tuesday, May 22, 2012


  O ur boy is on his way!  We found out back in March! I know it's been forever since I've posted, I know! I've just been busy with the daily grind and with back pain and some sciatica pains.  My husband thought it was going to be another girl. But I had no assumptions and was excited for either of course! And so when the tech told us it's a boy, I looked over at Taylor beaming, "There's your son!"  Taylor is such a manly man, he's all about sports, hunting, ATV's and all that stuff. So it'll be fun to see him teach not just our daughter now, but our son all about that stuff! And I'm enjoying learning it too.

So the big problem-o is...the name.... We had a name picked out a long time ago if we ever had a boy. But Taylor's close friend took his idea for their son. Grrrrrrrr! I've been begging Taylor to still use it, but he doesn't want to, even though they don't care if we used it. Besides it was our name. And even his mom tried to convince him! But now we just can't find a name that we both love, like we did that one. I've cried about it, hoping Taylor would change his mind....but nope. I will not let the baby be born and have him unnamed for days.

Anyhow, I've been very blessed with a good pregnancy. But I have had for the last month and half, off and on back pain, it gets so bad that I cry at times.  And now recently I've had the sciatica pain that shoots down one side, and sometimes both sides. I've just tried to do lots of stretching and yoga with helps a lot. I rarely take acetaminophen, only if I'm in extreme pain.  

Our boy moves so cute and I can see him move! I think he's got some ninja skills! :D  I was able to get Keira to feel him move, and she said she felt it. I tell her that it's her baby brother moving in there. It's cute to hear her say "baby brother".  

So for the nursery, I wanted to do a beach theme. Since he's a summer baby. But of course Taylor vetoed that. He's a major mountain dude, and shot my idea down fast. So we've been planning to do a hunting/nature theme for awhile. I'm still bummed, I hate the cutest ideas for a beach nursery.  And seriously, why does the boy crib bedding selection stink so bad? I've scoured the web high and low for unique modern bedding that would look neat with hunting accents. But only found a couple that could work.  Taylor  found some camouflage crib bedding. But it was ATROCIOUS! And it was too pricey!  Plus, I want to do a modern look.  

Well, my one hour glucose test was elevated, so I had to do the three hour test yesterday. I prayed I wouldn't faint from fasting. I almost did in my last pregnancy for one of the tests. My results were fine last time, so I'm praying they are this time. I eat extremely healthy. I rarely eat out, I don't eat sweets and am not a soda drinker.  I just eat tons of fruit and veggies! And I drink lots of water!  So I'm praying the test is all good again. 

Next week I'll get my official due date. In the beginning it was August 11th, but then my last visit she said looking at the last ultrasound, my due date calculates to be August 6th. But regardless, my doc is planning to do it one week before my due date. Or who knows my water may break again!

I'm so glad I'm not swollen yet, but I'm scared it's coming.  Since I was with Keira.  This heat here is exhausting and dreadful.  I haven't even wanted to swim, since I hate the heat so bad.  As normal every summer my wedding rings fits a little tighter, so I haven't been able to wear it. 

Well, I'm not having success with Keira getting potty trained, we tried a couple times last year, she just wasn't ready. And we've tried a few times this year, and she gets excited and wants to try, but then gets sick of it fast and stops. The sticker chart and rewards don't work. But I'm not going to stress myself out and I'm not gonna push her. I'll just let her do it when she's ready. That's what I hear is best to do.  Besides I've heard she may revert back to diapers when the baby is born, so why stress myself now? We just continue to try every week, but I give her the control.  She loves the potty books and videos, she knows she can do it, it's just now up to her to do it. 

Again, I must digress how much I hate living here when it's hot.  We have this nasty heat to deal with for six months! And sadly I still haven't gotten to escape to anywhere, for at least a day trip. But I'm determined to make it happen. Before baby comes and I'm home bound and unable to do anything until I'm fully healed.

My beautiful Keira turned 3 in April!!!  We just a had nice little celebration, just us and her.  We got a cake, balloons and presents.  I didn't have the energy to plan and have a party, and we really felt we should save the money too.  My pics are on my husbands phone, I didn't realize our camera memory card was full. There's my preggo forgetful brain again. It's been pretty bad...haha!

Well, I'm excited to get started on the nursery, I'm cleaning and organizing stuff, but I just need to get the bedding, so we can decide the paint color and accents.  I just want to have it all ready and I'm excited to make some art projects in mind.