Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Lil' Buck Is Here!

Everett Michael

O ur sweet Everett Michael Murphy joined our family July 25th at 2:05 PM, weighing 10 lbs. 13oz! (via c-sec of course!), with a full head of lush hair! We are so smitten with him and grateful to the Lord. And I'm also so grateful he decided to come early! :)

The last two months of pregnancy were super tough.  I was getting huge, it was hard to drive, back out of parking lots, hard to sleep, hard to shave. Even my sweet daughter had to help me put my pants on! The whole month of July I was so uncomfortable. I carried way out front, very different than with Keira.  Seriously, I looked like I was carrying twins! ha ha! We knew he'd big a biggie like his sis. Since big babies run on my hubby's side. I wasn't even gonna try for a VBAC...No Way! I didn't want to risk the baby getting stuck and it turning into an emergency C-Sec. 

So okay, let's try to do a long story short, so it's not boring.  I was scheduled for my c-section on July 31st. And almost two weeks before that, my doctor tells me she's going to be gone during that week! My heart sunk, I wanted her to cut me open, since she's done it before! Plus, I really love my doctor, she's so awesome.  Anyhow, I had been going weekly to have the baby's heart rate, movements and measurements.  She told me I could stay with the plan for the 31st and I would have another great doc deliver me. Or I could wait until August 5th (two days before the actual due date). I knew I wouldn't make it until then, at least doubted it. So I had an ultrasound 2 weeks before to be measured and he was estimated already at 8 pounds 8 oz. And I had tons of amniotic fluid in me!!! No wonder I felt I could hardly breath when I would lay down.  I had to start sleeping with my head slightly elevated.  So the Monday before I was born I had to go to the hospital so they could monitor his heartbeat and movements. I was having some contractions, but I couldn't even feel them.  I was very uncomfortable and had some pain.  My doc happened to be at the hospital and stopped by and said my amniotic went down a little which is good. I then said to her, if I wait until she's back he's going to be huge! And she said we'll talk about it at your appointment, which was scheduled for that Thursday.  She saw how miserable I was.  The hospital will only do a c-section at 39 weeks for the earliest. Unless other high risk reasons.  The next day I was in so much pain, and he'd already felt like he dropped, but that night it felt like he pushed down into my pelvis. I told my husband that I wanted to to go to the hospital, because I felt like I was having contractions. But he said let's wait a little. I slept terribly that night.

In the morning Taylor's mom, Janna, came over and he went to work. I had told him I wanted to see my OB and so I had called and first said to the receptionist how upset I was that every time I wanted to speak to a nurse I was put on hold forever and never helped. I told her I was in pain and wanted to come in, she hurried and put a nurse on the phone.  And they had me go in that morning, the NP monitored me and saw that I was having lots of contractions and said I should go to the hospital. So Janna drove me to the hospital. Along with my little crazy Keira.  The nurse monitored me and said that I was definitely having close contractions. She went to consult with my doctor, who was luckily there! And then told me I was going to deliver in two hours! I was sooo excited and nervous.  The nurse was very nice and I told her I liked her attitude it helped me not be nervous.  Then we called my husband and he was leaving work to come.  Janna left with Keira, I asked Keira to kiss my hand. I told her I love her and would miss her. And of course I started crying as I saw her giddily go off with Janna.  

I was then moved to my room and hooked up to my IV. When my husband arrived we said a prayer for it all to go well and that I wouldn't be nervous.  I ended up having to wait an extra hour, since they were still with another patient. It felt like the longest hour! I had a male nurse who was nice and quite funny.  It helps to have people lighten the tense mood.  Also the anesthesiologist told me all the details of what he'd be doing when he'd give me the spinal epidural.  He was a nice silly older man, and helped me feel at ease about it.  So I went to the surgery room and I had the spinal epidural. It was very uncomfortable, and I could still feel some pain, and had to tell him where, so he could give me more.  I have a crazy high tolerance, they had to give me extra with Keira too.  The great blessing this time was not having to put under general anesthesia, like I had to with Keira. I was awake this time!!! And this time my husband was there next to me holding my hand! Once I could tell they pulled our son out, I heard the doc and other assistants gasp at his size! Ha ha! Which I wasn't surprised! I heard my son's first cry and I started balling.  I never dwelled on not getting to hear Keira's first cry. I was just so grateful we were both healthy and alive.  And I kept asking outloud, "How big is he?!" over and over. And soon one of the assistants brought him over and held him by my head and said he was 10 pounds 13 ounces. Yikes! Ha ha ha! I started balling even more when I saw his precious face. And my, look at his head of hair. He looks just like I did when I was born, I had tons of hair too! 

My huge goal this time was getting to try to breastfeed him right away. I didn't get to with Keira since I was under anesthesia, they already gave her a bottle and she refused to latch and work for the milk from me! So the for the first month, my milk came in pretty well, but by week four I had to start taking the More Milk Plus supplement, that has herbs to help make mre milk.  And so now, I've been breastfeeding and supplementing. He's such a big babe that it's hard to keep up with him.  But I am grateful that I've been able to still do it. He latches great and is good at switching from me to the bottle back and forth.  

This recovery has been so much harder. I'm having extreme lower back pain. From the healing of the incision it's straining my lower lumbar. It's unlike any back pain I've ever had. And the Motrin 800mg my doc gave me doesn't do a thing. I'm constantly using a heating pad. I can't stand or walk for very long. I worry about about how long this back pain will go on. I read that other women had it for months! But I know that my body is still healing, so I don't want to worry so bad. I'm so very blessed, it was worth all the pains I've endured to have my two beautiful children. They're such a gift and I'm so honored to be their mother.

 31 Weeks!
37 Weeks! ~ a week and a day before I popped. 
 2 weeks before he was born!
 1 week before he was born
Since my hubby is an avid hunter, I had to find something perfect with a deer for his coming home outfit. And I did, this onsie with a stitched Lil' Buck. Perfect for our Lil' Buck! Looks adorable in his Camo car seat cover.

 Almost a week old here in these pictures.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


  O ur boy is on his way!  We found out back in March! I know it's been forever since I've posted, I know! I've just been busy with the daily grind and with back pain and some sciatica pains.  My husband thought it was going to be another girl. But I had no assumptions and was excited for either of course! And so when the tech told us it's a boy, I looked over at Taylor beaming, "There's your son!"  Taylor is such a manly man, he's all about sports, hunting, ATV's and all that stuff. So it'll be fun to see him teach not just our daughter now, but our son all about that stuff! And I'm enjoying learning it too.

So the big problem-o is...the name.... We had a name picked out a long time ago if we ever had a boy. But Taylor's close friend took his idea for their son. Grrrrrrrr! I've been begging Taylor to still use it, but he doesn't want to, even though they don't care if we used it. Besides it was our name. And even his mom tried to convince him! But now we just can't find a name that we both love, like we did that one. I've cried about it, hoping Taylor would change his mind....but nope. I will not let the baby be born and have him unnamed for days.

Anyhow, I've been very blessed with a good pregnancy. But I have had for the last month and half, off and on back pain, it gets so bad that I cry at times.  And now recently I've had the sciatica pain that shoots down one side, and sometimes both sides. I've just tried to do lots of stretching and yoga with helps a lot. I rarely take acetaminophen, only if I'm in extreme pain.  

Our boy moves so cute and I can see him move! I think he's got some ninja skills! :D  I was able to get Keira to feel him move, and she said she felt it. I tell her that it's her baby brother moving in there. It's cute to hear her say "baby brother".  

So for the nursery, I wanted to do a beach theme. Since he's a summer baby. But of course Taylor vetoed that. He's a major mountain dude, and shot my idea down fast. So we've been planning to do a hunting/nature theme for awhile. I'm still bummed, I hate the cutest ideas for a beach nursery.  And seriously, why does the boy crib bedding selection stink so bad? I've scoured the web high and low for unique modern bedding that would look neat with hunting accents. But only found a couple that could work.  Taylor  found some camouflage crib bedding. But it was ATROCIOUS! And it was too pricey!  Plus, I want to do a modern look.  

Well, my one hour glucose test was elevated, so I had to do the three hour test yesterday. I prayed I wouldn't faint from fasting. I almost did in my last pregnancy for one of the tests. My results were fine last time, so I'm praying they are this time. I eat extremely healthy. I rarely eat out, I don't eat sweets and am not a soda drinker.  I just eat tons of fruit and veggies! And I drink lots of water!  So I'm praying the test is all good again. 

Next week I'll get my official due date. In the beginning it was August 11th, but then my last visit she said looking at the last ultrasound, my due date calculates to be August 6th. But regardless, my doc is planning to do it one week before my due date. Or who knows my water may break again!

I'm so glad I'm not swollen yet, but I'm scared it's coming.  Since I was with Keira.  This heat here is exhausting and dreadful.  I haven't even wanted to swim, since I hate the heat so bad.  As normal every summer my wedding rings fits a little tighter, so I haven't been able to wear it. 

Well, I'm not having success with Keira getting potty trained, we tried a couple times last year, she just wasn't ready. And we've tried a few times this year, and she gets excited and wants to try, but then gets sick of it fast and stops. The sticker chart and rewards don't work. But I'm not going to stress myself out and I'm not gonna push her. I'll just let her do it when she's ready. That's what I hear is best to do.  Besides I've heard she may revert back to diapers when the baby is born, so why stress myself now? We just continue to try every week, but I give her the control.  She loves the potty books and videos, she knows she can do it, it's just now up to her to do it. 

Again, I must digress how much I hate living here when it's hot.  We have this nasty heat to deal with for six months! And sadly I still haven't gotten to escape to anywhere, for at least a day trip. But I'm determined to make it happen. Before baby comes and I'm home bound and unable to do anything until I'm fully healed.

My beautiful Keira turned 3 in April!!!  We just a had nice little celebration, just us and her.  We got a cake, balloons and presents.  I didn't have the energy to plan and have a party, and we really felt we should save the money too.  My pics are on my husbands phone, I didn't realize our camera memory card was full. There's my preggo forgetful brain again. It's been pretty bad...haha!

Well, I'm excited to get started on the nursery, I'm cleaning and organizing stuff, but I just need to get the bedding, so we can decide the paint color and accents.  I just want to have it all ready and I'm excited to make some art projects in mind.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Don't mind me if I'm sniffing or sobbing...

o a couple weeks ago while flipping channels, I found one of my dearest childhood movies on..."Annie," it was the end of the movie when poonjab is rescuing Annie. And then when it got to the part when Annie is dancing with daddy Warbucks singing, "Together at last..." I just started balling. Lately anything that is nostalgic to my childhood will make me break down in tears quite instantly. I dunno if it's the pregnancy hormones, or just plain ol' me, being a woman with the normal tender feelings that evolve once you're a parent, or just the fact of getting older. Luckily my husband isn't around most of the time to laugh at me.

Anyhow, now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, I feel so normal that I get paranoid if I'm okay, ha ha! My off & on nausea is completely gone ~yay~. And I forgot to mention in my last post about how I feel like a dog at times! My sense of smell has been so intense, constantly sniffing around with my nose in the air as I walk around every area to find the source causing whatever odor. Whether it's food, kid/cat poop or smelly feet. I must figure out what I'm smelling and where it's coming from. My husband laughs at me because I won't stop sniffing until I find the culprit. I swear I feel like I could be used like a drug-smelling pooch! Ha ha! But...I think my smeller is reverting back to fairly normal now...I think. I can still wear my regular jeans, but I do feel more comfortable in maternity pants. I'm finally showing a little bit. I assumed I would show sooner since it's my second one, but I'm still just barely showing. Believe me, I'm in noooo rush! Big babies run on my hubbies side, so I'm fine with my wittle belly ;) I've got plenty of fun hot swollen big bump days ahead. I really didn't show until I was around 6 months or so with my first. And even when I was almost due, it did NOT look like a ten pounder was in there!!!!! Ha ha ha!

Last Thursday I got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time! I've been blessed to have a good pregnancy again. But I try really hard not to dwell on having another c-section. After Keira was born I did not want to talk about the details of my delivery, I was still very emotional and hormonal about the experience, as far as just the pain of it all and nothing I'd experienced before. But I was able to bear through the pain afterward, since I was entranced with my sweet baby girl being in my arms and loving motherhood. Now that years have past, I'm fine talking about the first birth experience.

So onto my darling Keira! She is just plain adorable, as usual. I think I've taught her well on being polite, because she's always saying please and thank you. She'll still randomly ask for chocolate or a cookie, but now she says, "Can I have a cookie/chocolate, please?" and a couple days ago she asked, "Can I go to the playground, please?" I pretty much can't say no when she asks so sweet and politely. A few times lately she has randomly kissed my arm! ~chuckle~ And she's now replying after I tell her I love her, she'll say, "I wove you mommy!" Which I've been waiting so anxiously to hear! :) It melts me. A week ago while putting on my makeup, she looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly said, "I'm really small mommy, I'm really small!" and then said,"You're really big mommy! you're really big!" I just busted out laughing, it was just so random and cute. She's observing that I'm this big person (which I still don't feel like I am) and she's this little person. She still refers herself as the baby sometimes. But I'm always telling how she's such a big girl now and we look at her baby pictures together. (Everytime I look at her adorable baby pics, I think to myself, few are the days that babies are babies.

It's really just a blink of an eye and there they are walking, talking and everything! I love watching her every milestone. Seeing how she's comprehending things more and figuring out how things work around her. I truly wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm very grateful to be home everyday with her, observing her, teaching her and adoring her cuteness, as her beautiful personality blooms. It's the greatest. Though it's been tough the last few months, she wants me to play with her all. day. long. So I play with her off and on throughout the day while breaking away to get as much chores and errands done. It's been nice to have more energy back in this trimester, but I still get tired out from all the playing and cleaning. I cherish giving her my time and attention. But I'm also teaching her that I can't always play and she has to play on her own, I give her fun activities she can do independently. I also will put on music and dance with her while cleaning, take breaks to chase her around and have fun being silly with her. I just love when we're making each other giggle. There's just
nothing better than seeing my girl's beautiful smile. Nothing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Keira wants to share her BiG secret!

Yep, this lil' cutie pie is going to be a big sister this August!!!!! I know Keira is going to be such a good big sister. The last few months I've watched her be intrigued with babies and I think she's going to be a great little helper. We're so very grateful for our second angel on the way.

I'm due sometime in the first week of August, so it could possibly end up on my birthday! Aug. 3rd! Regardless of what day baby comes, it'll be such a blessing and the sweetest gift indeed. It's going to be a long hot summer... (but hopefully it will be like last Spring and the nice weather will stay well through June.) And knowing how badly I swelled up last time, I'm expecting my feet to look like humongous sausages and have my 'cankles' again.

So far in this first trimester, I didn't get a lot of fatigue in the first half, but now it's catching up. I've had on and off nausea (not throwing up thankfully!) just feeling queasy and I had little tummy aches for awhile. Unlike my last pregnancy, I don't detest beef completely, but I do have to be in the mood and still don't like to look at raw meat, but I've been able to bear cooking it most of the time.

It was no wonder that I was pregnant, because just the week before I was downing jars of pickles like crazy, haha! But didn't think anything of it, because I like pickles, and hadn't eaten them in awhile, so I thought I was just enjoying them. So anyhow, whenever I got really nauseated I'd drink Ginger herbal tea (I like the Yogi brand, in the health food section.) And when ginger wasn't enough, lemon juice and yogurt helped, and ~strangely~ I found that sucking on a couple Sour Patch Kids helped lessen my nausea! ha ha!

I'm glad I haven't been as picky with foods like my last pregnancy, but I still have to decide what appeals to me. I crave spicy foods a lot. And again like last time, I looove buffalo wing sauce, I asked for an extra side of it at Chili's so I could dip my veggies in it at home! (I enjoy doing that even when not pregnant!). Lately I must have navel oranges and buttermilk stocked in my fridge at all times. Thankfully I'm at the end of my first trimester so, my nausea is going away. I've been driving my husband crazy with my random worries. But I'm more relaxed now that I just had my recent check up.

So my favorite websites to read info and track my progress the most are:,,, and

Anyhow~ I'll bore ya with more baby buddha belly mumbo jumbo again soon. ~Yawn~

Friday, January 13, 2012

My lil' Chef

We had a splendid Christmas. Taylor's parent stayed with us for a week. And it was fun to see Keira really enjoy spending time with them. Grandma (Janna) took her on couple walks with her, while I did some errands. And we went to the Children's Museum and Keira loved it. She loved the pretend grocery and cooking areas. But Janna and I were thoroughly pooped after two hours of chasing her around from area to area for two hours. And Keira was finally tired once we left.
She loved the kitchen at the museum.
Keira loved this cute circular reading nook. I'd love to have one in the house for her.
We gave Keira a play kitchen for Christmas and lots of fun play food etc. to go with it. And Grandma even got her a cute mixer that really works! I recorded Keira coming out of her room to capture her reaction. And...~sigh~ I'm such a mom... I started to choke up and tried not to whimper out loud, I don't know why I got emotional and teary-eyed from just watching her play with the kitchen. Having a child truly makes Christmas so much fun again. I don't even care what I get. I just wanna see that cute lil' face light up. Anyhow our lil' chef is loving her kitchen and always wants me to cook with her.

I got my first new sewing machine that I wanted! (well, nicer than the one I wanted! xo ) I am sooo excited to learn and make all the things I've always wanted to make! (hopefully!) I posted on FB: "I'm sooo excited to use my new sewing machine!!! I'll always kick myself for not wanting to learn when I was younger. And now I don't have my amazing seamstress mother living close anymore to help me get the hang of it easier. :P oh, well, let's see how far my guts and faith will get me! ;)"

On a side note, Keira is CRAZY about chocolate. She had a fair amount for the holidays. But I saved the rest for future rewards and for when we start potty training. Almost everyday on her own she'll ask randomly, "Some chocolate?" and start looking for some. And a few times I've asked her what she wants for breakfast or lunch and she replies of course, "Chocolate?!" ~ha ha! I have to make sure she can't see anything that looks like chocolate or else she freaks out. Eeks!

We had simple night on New Years and stayed home. And on January 7th, Taylor and I had our 6th wedding anniversary. We still need to actually celebrate it. But we'll probably just do something fun for Valentine's Day and celebrate it then. Even though my hubby isn't on Facebook (and never will be) I still posted something for him and told him what I put. But made sure is wasn't cheesy just for him.
"Today marks 6 years being married to my sweet husband Taylor! ~Thanks for your patience, putting up with me and toughing me up all these years. ♥ Happy Anniversary! ♥"

Taylor is an amazing husband and father. I admire him so much for how hard he works to support our family and I am grateful for all that I've learned from him. I'm profoundly & madly in love with him. And that love has grown deeper from all that we went through in those first tough years when he had to be away often working for long periods of time. Though it was hard, I know that he was doing all that he could so that he could take care us and make me happy. And all I want is to make him happy when he comes home everyday and always make him feel appreciated.