Friday, January 27, 2012

Keira wants to share her BiG secret!

Yep, this lil' cutie pie is going to be a big sister this August!!!!! I know Keira is going to be such a good big sister. The last few months I've watched her be intrigued with babies and I think she's going to be a great little helper. We're so very grateful for our second angel on the way.

I'm due sometime in the first week of August, so it could possibly end up on my birthday! Aug. 3rd! Regardless of what day baby comes, it'll be such a blessing and the sweetest gift indeed. It's going to be a long hot summer... (but hopefully it will be like last Spring and the nice weather will stay well through June.) And knowing how badly I swelled up last time, I'm expecting my feet to look like humongous sausages and have my 'cankles' again.

So far in this first trimester, I didn't get a lot of fatigue in the first half, but now it's catching up. I've had on and off nausea (not throwing up thankfully!) just feeling queasy and I had little tummy aches for awhile. Unlike my last pregnancy, I don't detest beef completely, but I do have to be in the mood and still don't like to look at raw meat, but I've been able to bear cooking it most of the time.

It was no wonder that I was pregnant, because just the week before I was downing jars of pickles like crazy, haha! But didn't think anything of it, because I like pickles, and hadn't eaten them in awhile, so I thought I was just enjoying them. So anyhow, whenever I got really nauseated I'd drink Ginger herbal tea (I like the Yogi brand, in the health food section.) And when ginger wasn't enough, lemon juice and yogurt helped, and ~strangely~ I found that sucking on a couple Sour Patch Kids helped lessen my nausea! ha ha!

I'm glad I haven't been as picky with foods like my last pregnancy, but I still have to decide what appeals to me. I crave spicy foods a lot. And again like last time, I looove buffalo wing sauce, I asked for an extra side of it at Chili's so I could dip my veggies in it at home! (I enjoy doing that even when not pregnant!). Lately I must have navel oranges and buttermilk stocked in my fridge at all times. Thankfully I'm at the end of my first trimester so, my nausea is going away. I've been driving my husband crazy with my random worries. But I'm more relaxed now that I just had my recent check up.

So my favorite websites to read info and track my progress the most are:,,, and

Anyhow~ I'll bore ya with more baby buddha belly mumbo jumbo again soon. ~Yawn~


Lynette said...

YEAH...CONGRATULATIONS!!! THat is sooo exciting!!!

Five Bresees said...

No way!!! Congrats!!! What wonderful news. I'm so glad that you're feeling well :) I liked eating sour candies when I was pregnant with Ethan too. Anyway, we are so happy for you guys!

caterers in goa said...

She must be a great elder sister now