Thursday, May 21, 2009

*B A B Y L i C i O U S*





Cuddle Me!


My Tummy's Upset! Waaaah! Waaaah!

I've adapted to motherhood and the daily baby grind really well. Keira is a very calm & mellow baby. And she sleeps the whole time when I do errands. Keira snorts whenever she's upset or hungry it is so hilarious! She also makes the cutest face after she eats, I call it her "cloud-nine" face, ha ha ha! Keira does not like baths yet. Taylor & I love to snuggle with her. We love her so much. She's almost 5 weeks! Yikes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mother Is Divine

A Mother is Divine

Teaching me the ways of Christ,
By her shining example, a perfect light,
Praying to the Lord to guide and direct me,
And making home a refuge from the world,
Reminding me to see the beauty in all things,
Her radiant smile calms any burden,
Her warm embrace instantly healing,
Her lips speak words of love and kindess,

Humming while she cooks a family meal,
The comforting aroma of her fresh baked bread,
There's nothing like a mother's touch,
And once we've left mother's nest,
There she always awaits,
And we all finally admit,
Truly a mother does know best,

What wondrous work a mother inspires,
She makes us all want to stand a little taller,
And as we get older we then realize,
the sacrifices she made for our happiness.
How I thank my Heavenly Father,
For my sweet mother.


On my first Mother's Day I went to my parents ward for church and my father gave a beautiful talk about the role of mothers. He used this poem I wrote in his talk. I could talk about my mom & her wonderful example and role model forever. I aspire to be like her in every way. She is so amazing and has always demonstrated a true follower of Christ throughout my life.

Now that I am taking on the greatest role in my life as a mother, I reflect often on events in my life and how my mother helped me and was there for me. I know I wouldn't be where or who I am today without her positive great role in my life. I remember hearing often people say, "Take your time and wait to have kids, travel all over, live it up, because once you have children your life is not the same." Now it is true your life is not the same, but...
#1 Why spend all that money on traveling when it can be used toward your home or savings for your children or future missions!
#2 Risking years and years to have children and then possibly find out you can't have children or is now harder to concieve. Which is every woman's fear who desires a family.
#3 Most IMPORTANTLY: It is a commandment from Heavenly Father. It is the most important part of the plan of salvation.

How blessed and privileged I am to care and teach one of God's children. I admire all mother's that make sacrifices and truly embrace the greatest role they have taken on. A great quote I love says, "While we try to teach our children about life, Our Children teach us what life is all about."
The wonder and adventure a child finds in everything turns the dirty corrupt world we tend to always see into the beautiful exciting world God created for us to enjoy while we experience mortality.

The last two weeks my sweet mother-in-law helped me with the baby, cooking, cleaning, etc. while I've been healing. And when my father-in-law came down to drive her back home he sent me beautiful flowers for my first Mother's day and made his wife and I breakfast. She gave me Sheri Dew's new book, "Saying It Like It Is." My husband gave me a new digital camera I can't wait to use! I had a fabulous first Mother's Day! I'm so blessed to have my mother and mother-in-law! I love them so much!