Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Blabbering...

So yesterday i celebrated my nephew Dayton's 3rd birthday. He didn't want cake so we ate a pineapple platter, ha ha. My sister Shantil has taught her kids well on how to eat healthy that's for
S U R E ! i don't really remember my 3rd birthday...oh well.
Anyway my hubby has been working somewhere by Douglas, Az by the border since Thursday. Don't worry this is NOTHIN' compared to other work days he's done in the past. Anyway he might be home tonight or so. i get so aggravated when i think of all the illegal immigrants and the crime and issues that are caused by them. i honestly don't feel safe sometimes. Every time i watch the news i get paranoid....about everything! i really hope the next president really does something about illegal immigration. it really makes me want to eventually move to a different state just to feel safe... i would go into details but i'm not. lol. I'm not racist against them. i just believe in respecting our country and if you want to live in it then you keep our laws and learn our language. if i lived in a different country i would want to learn the main language, it only makes sense to....~S I G H~ Anyway...i feel like blabbering to somebody so whoever reads this i'd love to hear what you think..... what has happened to this country and society?

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janna said...

Hi Sher--you are absolutely correct--I am very frustrated with the situation, also, and it seems that the people who make the laws don't have the guts to make ones that will help the situation--they just keep ignoring it!! The situation here in Utah is pretty bad, also. Hope you had a good Easter--spent mine without my husband, also, as he is gone to school in Penn. Have a good week!!