Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeping up with Miss Busy Bee

For Father's Day I had to make this cute card idea that I found. You just trace your child's hand and then cut it out with paper doubled. Then just cut a long strip of paper and fold it over and under until it can fold in and out accordian style. Then you write "I love you" or "We love you" on the hand and inside write "this much" it's a darling way to have a cute memory of their little hand. He loved it!

And since he didn't get home till late on Father's Day since he had to work. I made him a yummy breakfast the next morning. Taylor is such a wonderful husband and father. I love watching Keira run to him when he gets home from work. He picks her up and she's so happy to see him. The first thing she does is take off his hat and put it on herself, or she'll take off his sunglasses and put them on. Then she loves to inspect what may be hiding in his shirt pocket. I keep telling him that he should hide something in there once in awhile just for her to find. She'd love that. Another cute thing Keira likes to do is when Taylor is sitting, she'll climb up to his shoulders and then slide down his stomach and say, "Wheee!" like she's going down a slide. It's so funny and cute! Anyhow, luckily I managed to finally get my husband to let me get a picture of him with our girl. (He's usually in his work clothes all dirty when I want to take pictures of him with Keira.) And I love this picture of them earlier this year at church.

Anyhow during Spring, I was fretting about what the heck I was going to do to entertain my toddler indoors all summer. Just a reminder, our Summer is our Winter here in Arizona, this is when we hibernate. You get burnt, parched and fatigued after just one hour outside. Let me tell you, it was soooooo, soooooo, soooooo, soooooo (hopefully you got the picture) nice to have a cooler May and June, the coolest in years, I savored every moment I could outside.

Anyhow, so far this is what I've done to keep the busy bee "busy". I got her play dough, (which by the way, I still love the smell of!) We use cookie cutters and shape toys to cut out the dough with. I like to make animals for her too (the one below is a pink dog). I got her a princess tent a couple months ago. Which will be fun for her to play in for a long time. I've taken her to the splash park and the swimming pool often. And she loves playing in the sprinklers. Back in May we were at the park and the huge sprinklers came on and she immediately left the playground to go play in them. I, of course, couldn't resist and joined her! heehee! I got her a fun water table. That way she can play under the patio cover so I don't have to worry about too much sun and she can still play with water, when we can't swim. (The only down side was that the heat caused the legs to reshapen and now it stands funny! :P)

She had to climb inside to try to swim in it! hahaha! And whenever she gets bored or has lost interest in almost everything, all I have to do is open my closet and she'll just start putting on my heels and walk around, change shoes, and play with my necklaces. She loves being in mom and dad's room (what kid doesn't?) She rocks at walking in high heels...Haha! She's always loved shoes, any shoes, ever since she could walk. She's also crazy about her boots from last fall. She loves to wear them. She still managed to get them on when I thought they woudn't fit (being barefoot helped) But yesterday, she put them on and her feet were squeezed in so tight, I just had to sneak them away and store them in the garage. I let her play in them as long as I could. Sad day. I'll miss her in those boots. But I'll get her a new pair this fall and hopefully she'll be just as crazy for them. The latest milestones for Keira has been being able to count to ten for awhile now. She's drank from sippy's for a long time now, but would only drink milk from her bottle, but I got her to stop almost two weeks ago, yay! Next thing to tackle. The binky. I try to give it to her when she sleeps, because she literally will not sleep without it. Even when I hide it during the day, she goes around and looks around for it saying, "binky?" ~sigh~ As for foods she's still a cheese freak like her mom. She loves PB&J sandwiches. And she hate's pickles. Keira also just did her first painting a few days ago. for weeks she's always grabbing my paint brushes and pretending to paint. So I let her try it and of course she loved it.

{Keira hates pickles, she got that from dad, which makes him happy!}

So we went to Chuck E. Cheese on Tuesday. And holy crapola! We ordered the pizza first and sat down to wait for it. Meanwhile Keira was freaking out in the high chair, dying to run around and explore. So since the pizza took forever, I took her out and followed her around and let her go on some rides. Then when the pizza finally came. She fought me while putting her back in her chair. And she just whined loudly and kept pushing away any food or drink we tried to give her. She even pushed away her favorite snack...'Annie's' fruit snacks! (they are so yummy, if I must say so myself!) So finally she realized her squawking wasn't getting her anywhere, she finally grabbed some pizza and took a chill pill. ~Whew-Wee!~ Crazy girl I tell ya.

Taylor and I chased her around a little more, she didn't care about the rides anymore, she was just running about everywhere. She is so fast and hard to hold on to, whether at home or anywhere else. Some toddlers her age are a bit more hyper than others I've noticed. And mine is one of them. Luckily she's not a real trouble maker. But I just pray this will be her crazy peak and then she'll mellow out a bit by age three. Mainly, I just want her to stay close to me when we go places. Because she's quite the busy bee, I always keep my eyes on her when we're out somewhere, but she is seriously fast. Buzzing from one thing to another. Like I said, she'a great work out. But if three is worse than two like some moms have experienced. Then Heaven help me! :D ~hahaha!~


Janna Murphy said...

So much fun to see the pictures and hear about what you have been up to. The Father's Day card idea was darling. Looks like you found some fun things to do this summer in the scorching heat. I can't believe she has changed so much between the Spring pic and the summer ones. Good thing we bought a size 4 top for her--and her hair is getting longer and thicker!!! Keep working on the "binky"--she'll give it up if you just keep working with her. And, you are right--she is FAST!!!

Four Bresees said...

Hey, the kids did the same thing for Chris for Father's day! I love the idea :) Also, I'm totally with you. My kids are on the hyper end of the spectrum too! Lily HATES to be held or strapped down in a stroller. Ethan was the same way. Finally, by the age of 4, I don't have to worry about him and he will stay near me. I'm still waiting for Lily to come around :) Maybe she still has a couple more years! Good to see pictures!!Keira is a doll!

Emma Robertson said...

Haha, love the pink mustache!