Friday, August 26, 2011


My Pinterest followers know I'm just a wee bit addicted, so I had to create my own theory and warning, haha! Pinning is therapeutic, really. It helps you wind down & relax, whether it's pictures, quotes, decorating or stuff to get creative juices flowing. I've been sick of Facebook for quite a long while, it honestly, {gulp, don't hate me for saying it}, just feels like high school all over again sometimes. But of course I still log on and like to see what my far away friends are up to and post random things that no one cares about, haha! Pinterest is just more fun than Facebook. Because you can truly just be yourself, just by pinning & inserting captions on whatever the heck defines you and not care what anyone thinks! :) Speaking of, it's past midnight and I must get off Pinterest and get to bed! ~Zzzzzz~


Heartfire At Home said...

I LOVE this warning sign - lol. I think my whole sleep cycle has been thrown out of whack lately due to sites like Pinterest. I was up until 4 am on the computer the other morning and had to DRAG myself away and go to bed. Not enough hours in the day - sigh! I'm rarely on Facebook, but sites like Pinterest, Olioboard, We Heart It, Tumblr.... well, they're downright dangerous!

Linda. x

Sher said...

I know! after however many hours of my 'me' time I wasted on Pinterest and other sites, I realize, I should've been making something or reading one of the many books I still need to read! haha!