Friday, October 21, 2011

There's no such thing as fall in Arizona, in case ya didn't know.


ast weekend Taylor and I went to the Evanescence concert, they have a new album out and I'm soo digging it. I begged Taylor to let me go as my early Christmas gift, plus we hadn't been on date in eons...and we love going to rock concerts and it'd been forever since we went to one. So he gave in! :) The opening bands playing were The Rival Sons, and the dude can sing! Definitely a nice & fun 70's rock feel...
And the other band was, The Pretty Reckless...Be ready to blown away by a natural born rock goddess...I couldn't wait to hear her live and indeed, she was AWESOME! Nice band choices Amy picked to tour with her!

Taylor Momsen's bluesy rock voice is sultry, sincere and enrapturing. She was in the TV series "Gossip Girls," (which I never watched) and now she's doing what she's always wanted to do, which is to sing. As we all know not many actors/actresses can pull off the singing thang...but Holy Mother of Rock-N-Roll...SHE CAN! She's only eighteen, which makes her talent even more incredible. So eat your hearts out Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and all the rest of the annoying wanna-be gal actor/singers...haha! I can't wait to see her music evolve and hopefully keep real rock alive and burning. I wouldn't, of course, ever want my daughter, if she were older, to idolize her clothing style and raw melancholy lyrics, but I just can't resist rocking & working out to her! (And my husband too!)
"What you Want" ~the new single from Evanescence~
Amy Lee looked so thrilled to be back on stage and she sounded fantastic. I loved when she sang with just the piano. And her new band players sounded so good. I can't wait to listen to the new album! I didn't try to bring my camera into the concert, but I should've...Grrrrrrr! It was such an awesome concert.

Anyhow we also got to finally take Keira to a Pumpkin Patch for the first time. We went in the late afternoon and it was still in the high 90's!!! lame and unharvesty is that?! But Keira still had fun, she liked playing in the "Three Little Pig" houses they had. she was so cute dancing in them. And then we went through the small corn maze, which was actually fun and tricky (it'd definitely be fun at night). Keira didn't have any interest in the animals. And we saved the pumpkin patch for last, we had only been there an hour, and we were all hot and tired ,and Keira was very pink and awnry, hahaha...I knew I should've taken Keira's pictures by the pumpkins first...but luckily I gave her some food and she then was happy again and played around the pumpkins, so I managed to get a few pictures...none of which she looked at the camera, of course...

I was SOOO exhausted all day from staying up late after the concert, but I just had to take Keira to the pumpkin patch this year. I just get super pumped after concerts...but sheesh, I can tell I'm getting old...oh well, I'll always be a concert junkie.

Alas, my cute new fall weather boots and sweaters still sit stagnant in my closet....until this wretched hot weather goes away...~Sigh~

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Five Bresees said...

Haha, I feel for you...there's no 'fall' out here either :) We know fall has come when the wind comes and the waves get bigger. Other than that, the temperature doesn't change more than a few degrees. I don't even own a sweater. Sometimes for fun during Christmas we turn on the air conditioning really cold to help with the Christmasy feel. Maybe this year I'll paint snow on the windows :)