Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Friday in Old Glendale

This is the first black Friday I didn't have to work on out of who knows how many years! It was odd not to be at a job selling SOMETHING! LOL! Anyway, Every year my mom and I count down til when we get to go crazy shopping in old Glendale. We go to these little adorable gift boutiques in old homes and antique stores. We find the cutest Christmas gifts and decor you can't find anywhere else. Oh, wait, maybe I shouldn't have told ya our secret. Hmm... oh well. We had my mother-in-law come with us which was so fun. We had a lovely time "oooh-ing" and "ahhh-ing" over cute nick nacks and deciding what to splurge on ourselves or others. We had fun trying on vintage hats, which I collect, and had to contain myself from buying! (I love how I found one that matched my mum's shirt!). You have to shop early in the day, since the shops close around 4-5 PM. So by that time, we are soo wiped out to enjoy the Glendale Glitters fun, so I'm going there at night really soon!!!! Anyway, It wasn't crazy there since everyone else is shopping at "hot spots," so I enjoyed having no crowds or traffic! neener neener!
(what a silly look on my face lol.)
I bought an adorable black shelf with drawers, adorable puffy snowman and vintage tree with bells. I can't wait to hang the shelf up and put things on it throughout the year!)
I found this quilt a couple weeks ago and got a killer $10 bucks off the original price and bought one for my mother-in-law for X-mas and one for me. It has slots to slide pictures into! how cute isn't it! I'm trying to collect Christmas keepsakes each year to have for my family to enjoy each year, and I simply adored this!


Nikki and Edward Moure said...

Smart thinking! My family used to go to downtown Glendale all the time. My mom loved those little shops. Jeez, I haven't been there in forever. We should have a lunch date down there (at yummy Lennys!) and hang out. :)

Shantil said...

You shouldn't have put my Christmas present on here . . . Just kidding. I love this quilt. Great find, sis!