Saturday, October 24, 2009

my husband in pink...

just kidding.

We went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat. Even though we both still had a bit of a cold, I wanted us to dress up. Halloween has always been one my favorite holidays. How cool is it to be able to dress up as anything you want & break the ordinary daily monotony.

It was fun being pink leopards for Halloween. Too bad daddy was hunting in Utah, he really lucked out not wearing pink! ...ahem, you don't think....(gasp!) me considering my manly man to wear pink do you?!?! Of course not, plus he'd refuse. I shall never see pink adorn my handsome husband ever in my life. He would look funny in it! (He'd always laugh at guys in the single ward wearing pink ties...he'd tell me they only wear it because it can attract girls to talk to them. I won't lie, it does!!! I always noticed the guy in a pink tie! & was drawn to say, "Wow, you're wearing a pink tie..." and then I'd decide whether he could actually pull it off or not.) My husband would not look right wearing pink ANYTHING! LOL! ...but then again, that would be the greatest costume! the scariest thing ever! it would be the SCARIEST THING TO SEE HIM IN PiNK! but alas, it shall never come to pass...he'd rather die first for that to happen.
straight up manliness.
love that.

i made a motto for a girl i knew that hated pink.
pink is for freaks! she loved it. lol.

I always wear fake eyelashes when I dress up, I love mostly funky ones, but this year I just wore basic ones. Since I used glitter on my eyes. Eeks, I'm making sure my makeup and glitter is hidden from Keira before she starts crawling!


Amie said...

You guys looked great!

Stephen said...

The pictures are darling--you did a great job on the make-up and costumes--wow--Keira's 1st Halloween--cool!!!

Wong's Paradise said...

Soooo soooo cute!! Both of you!

Wong's Paradise said...

Nebo Loop is the mountain pass between Payson Utah and Nephi Utah.. Nebo Mountain is the highest mountain on the Wasatch Front, and is in southern Utah County. I truly love your outfits, you are sooo creative..
Thanks for your nice comments, I appreciate them..

Four Bresees said...

You guys look so cute! Did you make her costume?