Sunday, September 13, 2009

Americans Unite On 9/12

This lady made a hat with tree like plants on it and it read,
"I am NO money tree!"

Yesterday on 9/12 I attended my local AZ Tea Party gathering at the AZ State Capitol. Along with thousands of other fearful, concerned, strong-willed Americans gathered in every U.S. State for Glenn Becks' 9/12 Project mainly at the DC Capitol. People waving there signs of distress, but smiling with peace & patriotism. I made a two-sided sign, one side read, "We The People Love the Constitution," and other side, "Freedom Revolution." We had wonderful speakers speak about our great nation and our Freedom being attacked and that we will not let the corruption of our Government win and take away all that was sacrificed for this great nation. And also had some AZ Legislatives and other political types answer peoples questions of concern. My reason for going was to stand with others to represent the people who will not let our Country be overthrown by a corrupt government and that we will be heard. I want to show my children to always stand up for what's right and not be afraid or sit back and watch things happen, but MAKE things happen! This great occassion will be part American History.

What kind of President doesn't come forth with concern to see the thousands of people standing outside the White House and want to listen to the people he "represents"? Cowardly he still doesn't listen, nor will he fess up to his lying and radical agendas & affiliations. Helloooooo! Mr. Prez! you've given dozens of speeches! stop wasting time trying to sell yourself with your smooth talking & empty promises. We don't want your Obamacare! Listen to the people! Stop forcing it on us!

Here I am with my sign!
It was so neat to see the crowds of people of all parties, all here for the same purpose.

Here is a video of the AZ Tea Party on 9/12!!!!
(what's funny is I'm standing right next to the guy that recorded this! my blue sign waves over on the left!)


Britton & Jamie said...

That's awesome!!! Britton and I thought about going, but then forgot!!! Yay for you!

Amie said...

You go girl. =)