Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Catch A Butterfly

Two years have fluttered by since my sweet Keira emerged from her cocoon. Ever since she was a babe, I've kept begging her over and over,"Please don't grow, I want you to stay just like this!" and "Just stay little!" I think every mom dreads, yet anticipates their baby to grow. But also we can't wait to see them reach every milestone. I've wanted to write a poem about wanting her to stay little. Then I stumbled onto this children's book coincidentally that summed it up SO perfectly called, "If I Could Keep You Little," in which the perfect truth lies in this excerpt: "If I could keep you little, I'd hold you close to me. But then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be."It's a beautiful thing to watch her personality bloom. Her calm independent spirit, eye color, pouty big lips and tall genes are all from her daddy! (yep, I may end up being the shorty in the family, haha!) Her wavy locks, almond eyes, button nose and relentless energy are from moi! And she's indeed a social butterfly! She's always waving hi to people at the store or at the park. Currently Keira is still crazy about rocks, water, balls, and as always trying on every pair of shoes in the house (oh, I can't forget necklaces, glasses and bracelets!) She loves nursery at church and doesn't even care when I leave! Thankfully, her sleeping pattern is changing again and she's finally made it through the full 3 hour block recently! 11 o'clock church has been super tough! She doesn't sit through Sacrament meeting very long still, but we'll get there! She's a typical toddler! Keira is like a butterfly...she is hard to catch! But just like a butterfly, once you catch her or when she sits still, ya can't help but marvel at her vibrant spirit and beauty. Then smother her with kisses! (her cheeks are so fun to kiss!) Children are like butterflies, they are unique, special and beautiful in their own way. Being a mom let's me be the child at heart that I am more often and have the excuse to be the professional dork that I am! I love it. Well, a couple weeks ago, I saw some sneak peeks of what could be some 'Terrible Two' qualities. Uh-oh. When I have to take away something she can't play with or she gets frustrated, she runs away while making a funny choppy whine with each little stomp and then she plops down facing away and pouts. It's soo cute and funny, (I hope I can get it on camera!) But then she easily perks up when I distract her with something else fun or interesting. Luckily she hasn't gotten into any mischief (so far), unlike I did at her age! (It helps that I've hidden any possible trouble making items!) She still gets bored or awnry when we go shopping. But luckily she's not screaming and causing a scene!
Anyhow, even though she's not a 'baby' anymore, I can't stop calling her that, she'll always be my baby. We love our Krazy girl!
Happy 2nd Birthday Sweets!


Natalie said...

What a sweet post! And I loved the little poem excerpt! I needed to hear that. My little guy turned 11 months yesterday and I've been "in mourning" about it.... ridiculously. ;) Thanks for posting this!

Happy Birthday Keira!! <3

Kami said...

Oh I love the second to last pic of her in the sunglasses! So cute!