Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good N' some Bad Stuff...but mostly Good :)

Let's get rid of the kinda-good and some bad stuff first.

May is just flying by isn't it? it's insane. First, of course to start the month off, our amazing SEALS raided the hideout of Usama Bin Laden and were able to kill him. My husband was watching sports and they announced it, the crowds cheered. And I looked at my husband and we both were stunned. I prayed later with gratitude for our military and for those that lost their lives in this long war in Iraq. But sadly, as we know ultimately, it is not the end to terrorism. Our country isn't secure and is growing unstable in so many areas. Actually, the entire world is. And I feel so sad for those affected by the recent tornados in the Eastern states. They've lost their homes, possessions, or loved ones. It's hard to carry on in life while others have their world upside down. There are so many things we need to pray for right now.

I admit that I have the hardest time not reading or watching news everyday. But I really try not to let it ever consume me, or distract me from what I need to be to be doing. Which is to focus on being the happy delightful mommy and wifey that I should be. I just don't like to be in la-la-land. I didn't care about politics really ever. But it's kinda hard not to care, considering the moral destruction and unsettling instability happening in our country.

Okay, now to the good stuff. For Mother's Day I took my wonderful mom and sister-in-law Kate to a play called, "The Mystery of Irma Vep" it was so much fun! It's been a long time since I've been out on the town and seen a play. It was a fun witty comedy with two actors that play eight roles and do constant costume changes throughout it. It was quite amusing! (thanks again to another snazzy Groupon deal!)

Well, I didn't get to sit in Sacrament meeting on Mother's Day. I was taking turns with Taylor chasing my crazy girl in the halls. Oh well, that's part of the joys of motherhood! hehe! Taylor gave me an MP3 player, that he knew I wanted. He's been enjoying using it too!

I am grateful for my sweet mother and all that she has taught me in life. Her amazing strength and faith, never ceases to amaze me. She will always be my hero, my best friend, and my role model. I'm grateful for my mother-in-law Janna, who has been so kind and generous in all that she's done for me and my family. I admire her amazing strength and faith as well, for all that she's done to raise such great honorable sons. I'm grateful for the women that embrace the role of motherhood with all it's various stress factors and the chaos that it brings, but yet strive to conquer it without losing yourself or your identity. And I pray for those that have had to endure the pains of losing a child or trying to have a child. May the Lord bless you always.

I'm so grateful for the things I have learned as a Mother. Everyday brings new perspective of how I want to be as a mother. At the end of the day I think about what I can do differently and what I want to do to be the best mom I can be. I honestly have never once missed working my old jobs, I know that some moms hate being home and miss the job force. But I only miss the social aspect of meeting new people constantly, but I've met and made some new great mommy friends and I've also gotten to finally get to know some great women in my church too. But I absolutely love being a stay-home-mom. Enjoying the time I have to teach and build a relationship with my child is the most important thing to me. I strive to not let any petty thing get the best of me. I think every mom's goal is to sustain patience and stay in control. Which I think I've done well. Probably because Keira hasn't tried my patience yet, she's still quite the little angel! (And I know you moms are saying, wait til' ya have more than one! yeah, I'm a teeny bit scared...haha! I've seen my sisters go mad!) Awhile ago I read the highly acclaimed Love and Logic Magic (Practical Parenting from birth to six years) book, because I really wanted to know as much as I could before Keira turned two. I want to love disciplining and guiding her in the most positive way. (Every parent should read it, it's awesome!) Now I need make my hubby read the book with me to ensure it works! (wish me luck! haha!) Okay, lastly, the really good stuff....

My brother became a father a week ago!!! Congratulations Gerrit & Shawntae on your new baby boy Brett! I can't believe you're a dad now! I'm so happy for you both!


Derek and Amber said...

I would love to read that book, I have a testy soon to be 3 year old and could use all the help I can get... which book did you read? Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years or Parenting With Love And Logic? I'm sure they are very similar, they have 1 of the same authors. Anyway, let me know

Four Bresees said...

Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you guys had a great day :)

Jesika said...

Love and Logic is awesome...Just completed one of the courses with an instructor. Amazing stuff!