Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Season Of You

The Season Of You

I see the breeze,
It rushes past me,
Just as the seasons,
You pass by like the wind.
Just like the summer sun,
Your smile makes me happy,
Just like the moon,
Your eyes glow and used to see into me,
But not anymore,

You pass by me, like the seasons.

I see the rain,
I run into it,
I don’t care if I’m wet,
You’re embracing me,
I forget your words of pain,
Don’t forget me,

When I feel the snow land on my eyes,
It feels like the wishes we had,
Vanished with a blink,
And I cry.

The snow was no longer white,
But defiled, impure,
And you pass through me,
Ignoring every intimate touch,
Just like the seasons
You forget me.

When the leaves fall and hit the ground,
A piece of my heart I made for you will be torn,
And won’t mend till the fields are green
And the warmth replaces you,

The time I changed my vile soul,
Mended when I left you,
And the lust we had was forsaken,
And the purity restored,
Whitening the bitter snow,

The sun will always be your smile,
But the moon will be your blind eyes,
Of what you didn't sacrifice to see in me,
And I’ve already let you go,

Passing you by,
Like the seasons.

Copyright © 2011 by Sheralyn Murphy

This poem is obviously about a foolish past love of mine when I was younger.

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Di said...

You are a great poet!