Thursday, February 24, 2011

happy birthday to my wonderful crazy darling friend!

I met this awesome girl, Afton, at youth conference, we somehow got carried away talking about anything and everything, excited to share our love for reading and writing poetry and Jane Austin period bliss. We then went on to have crazy fun together when she got to live with my family and I during my last year in high school. So she really became a sister to me and my mom is pretty much her second mom! haha! Then she moved to Utah soon after that, only to get hitched! I was so bummed that we wouldn't be roomies again to party and go on double dates, but of course I was very thrilled she found the love of her life! (Which indeed he's a great guy!) But... I was still bummed that she and my sister both got married around the same time and left in me in the crazy single world. And though for years while I was in a different faze in my life, and she was then in married life, she always stayed in touch with me, and everytime we talked, it felt like we just saw each other. She was always there to listen and give me hope and love when I needed it and make me laugh till my mouth hurt from smiling so long! She's hilarious. She has all the qualities of a true friend. I'm so very grateful for her true undaunting friendship to me. I have experienced being hurt by close friends, whom I thought were a true friend. I've always cherished that Afton has never hurt me and she has always cherished my friendship as much I have cherished hers.

Thank you Afton for all the dorky wonderful endearing times your friendship brings into my life!
I admire all that you've had to experience in your life, your strength and faith is AMAZZZiNG!!! your love and energy for life brings joy to everyone around you! I really can't say enough to explain how much I love you girl! Happy Birthday!!!

(my facebook post for Afton)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful true friend Afton. From our love for poetry, to shouting out various animal sounds when cars drove by to kill time in a broken down car, even when you ditched me to get hitched haha! through all these years no matter what was happening in our lives, you've been there to encourage me, comfort me, dork off with me, and simply be there for me, your genuine friendship is constant and rare. I'm so blessed to know you Afton, you're such a strong, sweet, caring, hilarious, faithful, positive and adventurous friend! I love you to pieces!!!! XOXOXO


joe said...

SHER!! You have such a wonderful way with words & making everyone feel loved & important! Thank you so stinking much for this special "tribute" on your blog! Every dork needs a partner in crime & I'm glad that you are mine!! Your friendship just proves that everything, even crappy stuff, really does happen for a reason... if my family life wasn't so screwed up as a kid, I wouldn't have moved to EG, have my aunt whip me into shape, and then kick me out of the house, haha, and end up living with an amazing person & her wonderful family!! You guys have taught me SO much about love, family, and friendship that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else. I really just want to squeeze the crap out of you right now to show you how much I love ya!! (Figuratively of course, otherwise that'd be reeeeaaaallly messy... ewww ;) I love you Sher & I'll love you forever!!!

joe said...

Ummm, that wasn't Joe of course... it was me! Afty! Don't know how to change that. Oh well, you know & that's all that matters!