Monday, January 24, 2011

a cozy getaway with my sexy beast.

Taylor and I got to celebrate our 5th anniversary and actually get away out of town! It's also the first time we've ever been away from our (21 mo. old) girl! My mother watched her for us and Keira did wonderful! I knew she would. And I did pretty well, not being a worry-wart mommy, I called a couple times to tell my mom where some things were etc. It definitely felt strange not having my Krazy Keira with me. But it's always good to get your child used to being away from parents. So anyhow, we stayed at a lovely historic lodge at Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins! We wanted to stay somewhere fun to have a cozy romantic time in the snow. We didn't really have snow gear to go skiing or snowboarding like I wished we could. But we had fun off-roading in the mud and playing in the snow. We ate at our lodges restaurant called The 373 Grill and enjoyed their (((humongous))) burger and fries. We went to Springerville (a town by Greer) where Taylor has worked to eat at his favorite place Java Blues for lunch. I loved the way it was decorated, they had neat vintage pictures, furniture and lamps, with perfect jazz music to fit the whole mood of the place (I love jazz music!). Everything was delish! From the hot sandwhiches, the Jalapeno caps, to a drink called, "Tall Dark & Handsome," I could see why this place was my husbands favorite! it definitely is mine now!
After lunch we looked around at some stores, antique shops, and then I found ReCreations Boutique! which I found my souvenir :) these dark denim beauties! (I've been wanting this design with the chunky cute light blue/brown thread! I'ma jean junkie, ya'know!)

The air was so refreshing! it made me forget I was in Arizona! It helped Taylor a lot with his insane allergies too! :)

My favorite pictures of Taylor are always with him nestled in between nature. Taylor + Wilderness= H-O-T! ...I just L♥VE my sexy beast.
The night before we left we ate at the Molly Butler Lodge restaurant and ate a (((humongous))) Chicken Fried Steak with "Molly Mormon" Gravy! ~hahaha! This town doesn't play around when it comes to big plates of food! I wish I could've brought home my leftovers! And we got free dessert for our anniversary! :) This lodge has a really neat history! (and yes, Molly was indeed, a Mormon! :) It was so much fun to cuddle with my man by the fire and have a fun romantic weekend just the two of us. I'm so glad we got to finally do this! :)


Wong's Paradise said...

You both look great... so happy you are doing so well... Love the White Mountains and I miss them... as I miss you two too... Happy Anniversary

Janna Murphy said...

Looks like that was a really nice getaway--glad to hear Keira did well with Grandpa and Grandma Millet.

Four Bresees said...

This looks like so much fun! I need one of these vacations!