Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why we fail New Years Resolutions...

On Glenn Beck's recent show, he made an awesome point about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. He talked about Thanksgiving and how it's turned into just a day of gorging, napping and watching football. He then he asked his viewers to: "Change the reflection, appreciation for what we have, and return back to the first Thanksgiving."

He then talked about what he calls the "Trilogy of Holidays" and made a profound conclusion: "The reason why we fail on New Years Resolutions, is because we haven't been grateful enough, and humble enough to get down on our knees and see the baby Jesus and realize, holy cow, HE is giving ME a second chance."

He then asks us to commit to praying on our knees on Thanksgiving and plan ways to give and help others. To remember the reason why it's called Thanksgiving. To give thanks and to give. And that Christmas is a symbol of redemption, a slate wiped clean, to start all over again, past is past, and to ask yourself where are you going today?

He concludes that, "New Years is what we think gives us a fresh start. The New Year is just the starting line. These two (Thanksgiving & Christmas) are the ones that give us the opportunity to start fresh."

I think he's absolutely right. Making resolutions are pretty much all about bettering ourselves. So, I feel, the ultimate way to become better, to succeed in our resolutions, is to condense them all into the one true endless life term resolution: become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. To really change, and by change, I mean have a change of heart and mind, resulting a change of action and living. Changing even in the smallest degree that we feel will bring us closer to His divinity. And promising not to ever revert back. Weakness and bad habits are rooted in pride. If pride can be un-rooted in every aspect of our way of living, we have the ability to have a deeper knowledge of who Christ is and just how vast His plan is for us. We decide how much we want to learn and know who Christ is. President Harold B. Lee said, "We learn the gospel (of Jesus Christ) by living it." Once we take out the distractions and things in our lives that keep us from truly living the gospel, we will be brought down with even more great humility of the glorious atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Un-rooted pride equals the pure love of Christ.

So instead of making a list of resolutions, my resolution is a question.

What can I change to be a better follower of Jesus Christ?

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