Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long Live Prince Poppycock!

I'm not an avid watcher of America's Got Talent, it drags on too long, but it can have some interesting stuff to see. I must admit this crazy Prince Poppycock is brilliantly entertaining. His voice, costumes, makeup, and voice are so fantasticly fun! I would totally pay to see him. Even though he didn't win. He's gotta make it big, his creative unique act is too good to waste. I'm just so fascinated with his makeup! I love how he's created such a fun character from his imaginary world and enriched it with his talent. I think that's why I love Halloween so much, because you can dress up to be whatever crazy character you want and let your childish or silly theatrical self come out and no one cares or questions how you look or act, because it's Halloween! But this guy can use his talent as an excuse to live his dreamworld for longer than a holiday. Hats off to Prince Poppycock!

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