Friday, August 21, 2009

My Summer Escape

I spent a week in Lewistown, Montana to visit my husband while he's working. (He's a helicopter mechanic working with the BLM for control burns) . It was a cooler summer than usual, but I loved it! the breeze outside was perfect and the air was so refreshing after it rained. The town has a small population. One grocery store, lol! and just small businesses. He took me to his favorite eating joints. The Bon Ton had awesome hamburgers, Lola's had yummy panini's & gelato, and The Mint was fine dining indeed, great meat!

The scenery was gorgeous of course. In front of one house we drove by there were tons of elk and deer everywhere eating the grass, can you imagine seeing those outside your front door!? of course only in places like this! lol! (My husband yearns to live in a place like this, and plans to live somewhere like this someday. I can't lie, my husband belongs in a place like this, he grew up with it, it's his true habitat! I won't mind it as long as I'm not too far from a Target, lol!) Another friend of mine was visiting her hubby too. And we did some fun shopping and went to a museum, it had the history of the town and people, and really neat old things like an old stove, pianos, organ, typewriters, phones, you name it! I love looking at old things, it's astonishing to see how much has changed, and definitely how easy things are compared to early 1900's. I'm so glad I live in these days, there was much more work that women had to do, ~whew!~ lol! Another Montana thing is Huckleberry (I got taffy flavored..mmm!) and ChokeCherries (I tried the yummy jelly.) They even have a ChokeCherry Festival in September!
We went to the Big Spring Fish Hatchery where the creeks supply the towns water, and let me tell you the water is sooo clean and delicious! We looked at a neat pond of trout that you can feed. And there were neat bridges, it was lovely. We even got a quick picture of Keira sitting on the bench, before she tipped over, and got a lucky smile! Yay! Keira is 4 months now! isn't she adorable!
We went bowling and my hubby got five strikes and I got four! that's rare for me! We had fun. Keira did so good on the airplane! she slept most of the time. She's such an angel! Lucky me. We had so much fun, it was nice to escape the heat and to see a state I've never seen. We didn't have enough time to visit other cities, but perhaps next time. It's the end of their company contract, so he won't be there next summer. He won't be doing as much traveling for work in summer, now that he's gotten his aviation mechanics license, he'll be home working more (I'm so proud of him!) My husband is so wonderful. I love him.


Verena said...

Thank you for this post. No such sweet thing like a young family doing first steps as three. I am happy you are doing well. Love

Teri said...

I love looks and sounds awesome.. so glad you got to get away and see your hubby!!!!

Shantil said...

Love the pics! Keira looks so sweet in her daddy's arms. Glad you had a good time.

Kami said...

looks like you guys had fun in the MUCH cooler weather. Wish you would have brought it home with you!

Ken said...

Looks like a fun visit in a beautiful place. And your little girl is really cute!