Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boundless Love

Today Taylor and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was so exciting to hear! I'm so grateful to the Lord for blessing me to have a good pregnancy so far. I've been blessed to not have any morning sickness and to have a job where I don't need to be on my feet constantly. I cannot imagine being pregnant and working my previous job, I could not stand for 8 hours straight! I'm also so grateful for my husband who has worked so hard for us and his insight to prepare us in the past years to provide for a family. He is so amazing. I love him so much. I know he will be an amazing father. I'm grateful for all of our many blessings.

"God commanded us to bear children but warned that the powers of procreation were to be employed only within the sacred bonds of marriage. God tells us through His prophet that we have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other as husband and wife and to rear our children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs."
("Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” Virginia U. Jensen, Ensign-November 1998)


MIKE said...


Congrats! I hope all goes well!

Christine said...

So excited for you two. What a wonderful experience! I totally remember how amazed I was listening to that little choo choo train sound. It will thrill you each time you hear it. Yesterday I had another ultrasound and we saw his face - i was so crying! Have you felt him yet?

Nikki and Edward Moure said...

I am so happy for you! Keep taking care of yourself!

heather said...

I am so happy for you!