Sunday, August 10, 2008


SO...... my brother was meeting up at the temple with me and my parents yesterday. And right when we had parked. My brother called and said something was wrong with the of his back tires blew out. So we went to rescue him. He luckily made it just off an exit off the freeway. I'm so thankful he wasn't hurt! Besides the blazing sun and parched mouth, my brother had just bought a used car and the socket wrench that came with his car wasn 't the correct size! so we had to find a place to buy one. It was so sad watchin' my brother and dad in their church clothes putting the spare tire on...hoping not to get dirty. A nice man pulled over and had some nice handy electric tools and finished the job faster. He was so kind and refused any money we offered. It is so wonderful to realize that there are kind Christ-like people around. And the Lord truly blessed us. We were determined NOT to let anything stop us from going to the temple. Sadly when we finally drove to the temple, there was another car with problems and someone helping them, and THEY were all in church clothes! probably on their way to the temple! Sheesh! Satan really wants to stop the saints from going to the temple! lol.

It was so nice to do temple work & be with my family. I am so grateful and honored to do work for those who've passed on. The person I did work for didn't show a birth or place. Who knows how long she waited for this day! I truly cannot wait to meet all the people I did work for and tell them how glad I was to be part of their eternal progression. I admire those who don't live close to the temple that sacrifice a lot just to go. What amazing testimonies they have. I cherish the temple so much. I can't imagine my life without it. It is such a beautiful sacred place. It is worth everything just to go and learn of the greatness of our Lord


Amie said...

awesome, sher!

heather said...

i love your strong testimony sher. You are definitely not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. What happened to you the other sunday for dinner?