Monday, July 14, 2008

VeGaS Get-Away

So Taylor and I decided we should have a weekend get-away. I'd never been to Las Vegas, nor had a desire to ever go, since it's "SIN CITY" and all. But my hubby said I'd still have fun. And I did! We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Resort/Casino. Our room was not as good as we expected for how much we paid, but they are supposedly "remodeling" and it was a weekend. So anyway, we walked around the resort, ate yummy food and shopped. Then walked along the strip. Taylor bought some nice Michael Jordan shoes, he's always wanted some, plus it's so hard to find size 13 shoes in AZ! lol. And I bought some adorable Bebe sweat pants, shirt, and flip-flops. Then we ate an expensive restaurant called the "Strip House," we spent a nice $hundred-digit$ was fun to ~splurge~. We didn't get to see any shows, but we did see the Mandalay Bay Shark/fish exhibit which was amazing. Unfortunately we didn't get to the Vegas temple, but we plan to go there next time and do some temple work.

It was so wonderful spending time together. Getting away from home & work was so fun. I just really cherish being with him so much. We've gone through a lot because of his work. But we have been so blessed, especially since he's been home way more this year, we've been able to strengthen our relationship and just simply be there for each other. I'm in love with him more & more everyday. He is so good to me. I am so grateful to be with him. I love him!
((eeks, he hates it when i get all gushy & tell about how wonderful he is, he thinks i make him look like a soft pansy man! lol. so don't mention this to him...))

This is one of the coolest couches ever, it was at one of the fancy shmancy stores at our resort. I love the Brits & British flag shtuff!

New York New York Resort was pretty neat lookin'

I loved the Bellagio fountains!

i liked the hotel elevators...

He only did slots twice. I did once, I warned him we might go to Plus, I told him I could have used that money to do more shopping! "Strip House" the restaurant @ Planet Hollywood

Salmon with basil foam with potatoes...he had fillet mignon...~drool~
Key lime pie charred with berries ~mmm!~Mandalay Bay Resort - Shark Exhibit (i tried to get a shark photo, but my camera was retarded)

Hoover Dam...Amazing. (my poor guy has crossed this a dozen times for work in his fuel truck and had to have police escort him across it every time. All the tourists gawking at him. D*** terrorists)


The Payne family said...
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The Payne family said...

How fun! Weekend gettaways are the best. We are planning one to San Diego actually. Can't wait! Glad you had a good time and are back safe!

Christine said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time. I thought of you that weekend and was excited for you to get that time with your hubby. And dinner was great by the way =)

heather said...

how fun for you two. What a cute couple you are. Makes me want to escape with Dave, and definitely go out to eat at that restaraunt. Wow. Looks so yummy.

Natalie said...

Basil Foam? That sounds very interesting! I love basil, but i can't imagine how they turn it into foam. Is there soap involved? hahaha! So cute that you took so many pictures! NOW YOU NEED TO COME OVER AND SCRAPBOOK THEM WITH ME!!!!

Heather said...

sounds like you had lots of fun. i'm glad you guys got to get away.