Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall Frenzy....

I came back from the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. We went with Taylor's Parents and his brother Matt & wife Kate. We had alot of fun!!! Driving home through Kanab, Utah was sooo beautiful! As you can see... it made me really miss having a change of seasons...

Fall is so beautiful. Here in Arizona, we forget how sweet it feels to have a breeze... just the way if feels, tousles the hair, and flows through the windows in the room, It's so delightful. I enjoy it. I'm craving rain though... i miss rain. I can't believe Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks! eek! I'm going to help prepare the food with my mom, and endeavor to learn how to cook "Mr. Gobble" (the turkey!) i love my mom's food, i want to become a good cook like my mom. Thats a goal of mine... i want to someday hear my hubby say, "My wife makes the best...." ~sigh~

I found some lovely recipe Thanksgiving twists in my favorite mag Redbook. (

It feels so strange not having the big clan of relatives for Thanksgiving. Growing up we had so much fun with all the relatives. Everyone now lives in different states, and we've all grown apart... i really miss it all. Sadly no one really can or wants to travel to one another. I'm sure we all have a drought of somber holidays without our loud crazy relatives.

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