Thursday, November 15, 2007

Be Thankful for the Fridge.

Gratitude, this month its all about the one word. Well, i had something new to really be thankful for... a FRIDGE! my fridge has been broken a whole week, it's supposed to get fixed today. But i'm sure you all can imagine the feeling of having to throw out all your food... and the nasty smell that lingers from the fridge. Eating fast food is getting old real fast. At least i have bread and chips...well that's gettin' real old too. Two things to reflect upon... I MISS MAKING SALADS! and I'M FORCED TO CLEAN THE FRIDGE! which i have procrastinated, at least this incident causes you to do something that has NEEDED to be done! Think about the people who lived without refrigerator's! i have embraced my gratitude for a machine to keep things cold!

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Amie said...

So is it fixed now? (and clean?)