Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, the last few weeks i've had insomnia. My body and eyes are tired, but my mind is wide awake, jumping from one thing to another. I'm not really that stressed... i do have my few things i contemplate each day. But i'm just not sure why it takes me forever to fall asleep. i don't want to take any medication. i will take some advil-PM, if i have to. But this past weekend my lack of sleep hit me like a brick, and i've had headaches. Anyway, if anyone has any good ideas to make my mind shut off, please do tell me!!!! Not to mention my husband Taylor was gone Tues-Sat for work, and i never sleep as well when he's not next to me. I like to snuggle with a shirt he's just worn, just so i can smell his scent, i love his smell!!!! i'll never let him wear cologne, i love it that much! ~Sigh~ And Taylor had to leave again at 3 AM this morning to go work out of town ~again! And he doesn't have reception, he can only text me! ~UGH!~Anyway, all i know is i'm going to read, cuz i think that'll get my mind & body to relax, hopefully i won't have a hard time going to sleep tonight! Grrrrr!

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Natalie said...

Hey Sher!
My sister used to tell me that to get herself to go to sleep she would keep saying to herself, "Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep." until she finally did. It never worked for me. Do/did you play sports? I used to practice tennis or volleyball techniques in my head to fall asleep. Nothing really works for me anymore - but maybe this'll help you. ? Sweet dreams! :)