Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Endures All Things

On Jan. 7th we had our 2 year anniversary! My hubby sent me a gorgeous vase of flowers to my work. It smelled glorious! i know it cost a pretty penny. Silly me, i should've took a pic of it!

I look back and see how much we've already gone through together. And i'm so grateful for all he does for me and how much he loves me. i'm so lucky to be married to a kind, loving, and hard working man. It was so hard our first year of marriage. He was on call for work. He's a helicopter mechanic. Driving a fuel truck and going to various fires, to maintain and fuel the helicopters. And for the first 8 months we had a long distance marriage, i'd see him about twice a month or so. i cried A LOT of tears. He always reassured me telling me he's working hard for me and wants to take care of me. i know it wasn't easy on him either. Staying in hotels and eating wherever is around. It was not fun being glued to a phone day and night. Also the fact i was a 'newly-wed' and not having many friends around. Luckily my family is close. And Last summer he was gone almost 2 months in Montana, i wasn't able to visit him. So again, i was very sullen. You have to tough out hard times to get to the good. And this year will be much better, and he won't be the one having to be the road dog, thank heavens! He'll be here working at the Glendale airport, for his company Airwest Helicopters, to complete his mechanic license training. He's such an amazing worker. I LOVE TAYLOR! By the way, all the the women with hubby's in the military...i praise you for toughing out that situation of them being away and possibly in danger.


janna said...

Two years has sure gone by fast--at least for us. I'm sure it seems longer for you. Here's hoping your third summer together will be one where your hubby is closer to home!!!

Christine said...

He's a good one for sure! You guys have weathered the callenges and look how strong you have grown through it all. I just know you're gonna feel the sweetness of your time together in a deeper way now. Congrats on your special day :-)

Rochelle Oleson said...

How sweet! Very nice of him.