Friday, July 15, 2011

More than a Cyber Summer Fling...

You know you're having a lame-O summer when:

  • You're having more fun with your childs play dough than they are.
  • You're purposely taking cold showers with your swimsuit on while imagining your standing under a waterfall.
  • You're justifying your shopping spree to your husband because you were sick of having cabin fever and just wanted to get out of the house.
  • You're giddy about having more tan lines appear than your usual farmer's tan.
  • Your thrill for the day is re-living your teen years by listening to your favorite 90's grunge rock while reading your old journals while laughing at how naive & pathetic you were.
  • You're ridiculously excited to go to the dentist.
  • You're getting over-dressed to go grocery shopping since it's your "Me" time to finally get a break from your crazy kiddo.
  • And lastly, like those good ol' days of having a summer fling, you've made one, but not a human one, a cyber one, one with a seriously addiciting website called Pinterest, which makes you literally want to try, make and eat everything you see, but yet you have to force yourself to peel your eyes off the dang website and scurry to close the internet, if you ever want to try to attempt to make those vonderful ideas & things actually happen. And then ya kinda hafta remember to devote and cherish your quiet time with you and your man, instead of this compulsive cyber-fling. Because even though he doesn't show it, you know he's getting jealous of the relationship you've formed with it. Let alone, he isn't aware that you've made a new cyber-soulmate girlfriend from it, who shares the same interest in darn nearly every {little} thing. And he has no idea how dangerous it'll be if the two of you ever get the chance to go shopping together (..hopefully more than wishful thinking..). Anyhow, Pinterest may need to put a permanent warning banner, or better yet a web timer that will automatically log you off for a long duration, so it forces you to resume to your list of duties, as you know you should not procrastinate doing!!! :)

    But! dear Pinterest, I must tell you... you are truly my cyber-soulmate.
    And well......i love you.
    You are more than just a cyber-fling,
    you're my cyber-dream! ♥ ♥ ♥
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