Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Forget the turkey mom, I want pumpkin pie!

She was dancing like a cute lil' 'Peanuts' character, it was so cute!
e had a nice quiet Thanksgiving as a family at home. Taylor helped me do a small turkey breast and I found a yummy marinade recipe for it, and it turned out so moist and delish! I admit I cheated and used instant organic mashed potatoes and stuffing, which they both tasted amazing! But I made my own sweet yams, deviled eggs and Paula Deen's Pumpkin Pie recipe and used Martha Stewart's Pate Brisee pie dough (Taylor loved the pie!) We ate in the early afternoon and Keira only ate a roll and some pumpkin pie, then she went out for a nap. So it was just Taylor and I enjoying our feast. I thought for sure she'd go crazy over the yams. Oh well, she's in a picky faze though. Taylor had his football game on...of course! And after Keira's nap we played some of our own toss football outside and I gave her a piggy back ride. She looooves piggy back rides! It was a perfect cool and cloudy day! :) Then I made Keira a turkey feather hat. She made the cutest lil' turkey eVer!

I decided the last week before Thanksgiving I'd post some things I'm grateful for on Facebook. Here's what I posted:

"I'm grateful for the amazing things I learned at church today. I love feeling the spirit."

"I'm grateful for my daughter. Her smile, laughter, silly personality and when she gives me running hugs. It's the greatest gift and bliss ever."

"I'm so grateful for my amazing husband. He's one of the hardest workers I've ever known. Always proving me that you can do anything you put your heart & mind into. And his crazy innate ability to truly have me figured out and knows how to always make me laugh, especially when I need to. There's not one day I don't feel lucky to be his wife. ♥ "

"I'm grateful for the many appliances that make life easier. I forever praise the women that did e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g before they existed. I'm reminded especially when one breaks...I'll never take them for granted! :D "

"So thankful for the Lord and all He's given me. Happy thanksgiving!"

We got our Christmas tree and house lights done over the weekend. And I pretty much got all my gift shopping done, even before black friday! Hah! :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keira & The Sugar Lollies!

Keira gettin' ready to do a rock star jump off the ledge...not really of course, but someday! ;)
~Don't even think of taking her lollipop!
eira LOVED being a Rock Star for Halloween. Like I said before, she just loves saying,"I Rock!" at random moments. Just a few days ago she yelled it out loud in the grocery store, it was so cute and funny! She gets so excited to put her costume on! And she still has a boot fetish, she loooves her boots!
Rock Star is ready to pass out even before even trick-or-treating! not for long...
Rock Star is alive & kickin' after her sugar rush now! she loves lollies & chocolate!

I'm so thrilled with how her costume came out, it's exactly how I imagined it. For months I searched for the pieces I imagined for it. So I found the darling skirt and tights on Etsy, the skirt was exactly what I wanted, gray/black houndstooth with chains! They're both slightly big on her, but at least she'll now just get to wear it longer! :) Which makes it more worth the money too! You always think making your own costume will be cheaper...but nope, not for me this time...hahaha! I had fun designing her shirt myself! I hand-cut and embroidered the guitar, used an iron-on star and hearts for the tuners, and I used fabric silver glue and free-handed the words. And I made the bracelets.
I've been obsessed with sugar skull/day of the dead makeup. So I had to try doing my own! When Keira saw me she said,"Tiger! Rawr!" Hahaha! it was so funny! (I want to try doing some more versions...a scary one especially). And ya'll know I gotta have my fake lashes! I love these ones with rhinestones on each end! And I busted out my gothic wig again, it just went with the look so well ;)
Mr. Kitty perched right next to my pumpkins just as I clicked the picture of them ~ Purrr-fect timing! Haha! I carved a Jack Skellington design in the big pumpkin, and then did a cute lil' pumpkin face on Keira's pumpkin.

It took awhile for Keira to finally say, "Trick or Treat," while gettin' candy, and when she did, she yelled it loud and drawn out and made us and the neighbors all laugh! And then after that she would only say it cute and quietly!...haha! such a funny girl. I love her to pieces! Anyhow, hope your Halloween was spooktacular!