Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wing'in it on Elm Street

For Halloween my daughter and I were wing'in it in our costumes as a ladybug and a fairy. I've had fun thinking of costumes that we can be together that relate in some sort of way. I was going to call my costume a butterfly, but once I completed it I definitely looked like a fairy, a gothic fairy really. Keira loved holding her bucket and was amused with collecting rocks, but once I let her try the lollipop, she was more interested in the candy ~hee! hee!~ She was constantly wandering around exploring. She made the cutest ladybug ever! For many of my costumes I'd wear black and just do some fun makeup and hair, it's an easy way to put a costume together. And I always wear fake eyelashes with my costumes (I actually collect them). And these little pretties took me at least like 40 minutes to put on. But what a dazzling effect they had to complete my look. The long lashes are always extra work to get on, especially with bottom lashes, but so worth it! One year I had some similar ones that were long black 'spider-looking' lashes for my Medusa costume one year, and they looked soo awesome, so I just had to have these glittery ones when I saw them. Funny enough the wig looks so similar to my hair when I had it long (yes, my hair was very long for a very long time, it was fun to have it super short too!) Except my hair color was more of a violet-red than black (my hair was even longer than this wig). So it was crazy when I put it on, I felt like I was 19 again! hee hee! Anyway, in case y'all are interested, I used Urban Decay eyeshadow colors in "kiddie pool" and "fishnet" and I used Studio Gear black cake eyeliner to draw on the swirls with a liner brush, and blue irridescent gloss for the lips, and a sweep of plum rouge.

This year I didn't decorate my house for Halloween, I ended up putting up my fall/harvest decor instead. It seemed the last couple years we had less and less trick-or-treaters, so I just didn't feel like it, which is a pity, since Halloween is so fun! But my husband nagged me to still pass out candy (I made him do most of it, neener~neener!). Anyway, my mom collects old horror flicks which is so fun! we like to find new ones to watch. My all time favorite is Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, I love it, love it, love it! Anyhow thanks to Turner Classic Movies and my DVR, I got a dozen more spooktacular ones for us to watch! (even though October is over it's still just so fun!) This month Keira turned 18 months and started nursery! (I still can't believe it!). The weather is finally cooling down, the evenings are beautiful and I can wear my hats now, so life is good! Cheers! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back from the dunes...

Well, I finally got to escape the desert for awhile after a long & boring summer! Last week we went up to Utah to visit my best friend Afton and her new baby Cash (named after Johnny Cash.) I gave her a sleek JJ Cole diaper bag, it is the coolest diaper bag ever!!! with adorable zippers, pockets, mini-wallet, pad, and nifty stroller attachments (I want it myself, even though I have a beautiful one my sis-in-law gave me that I want to keep nice and love to use it for church and I have the simple one I use daily, but we all know you can never have too many bags/purses!) Anyway, I gave her some adorable clothes and I even made her a onesie that says, "I crawl the line" with a sparkly guitar, she loved it! along with the little checkered slip-on baby Keds. We hung out the whole day talking, joking and laughing. We always bring out the extreme dorkiness in each other! I'm so grateful for her genuine friendship, she's always been there for me, even though we don't live close, she's always been a true friend, I love her so much. We also went out on their boat the next day at the lake by their house in Saratoga Springs, it's gorgeous. The weather was perfect and Keira loved the boat and we even let her take a dip in the water, she screamed when we took her out, she loves being in the water! I also enjoyed watching her baby mullet blowing in the breeze! We ended the day eating at Village Pizza... Mmm, sooo goood! We also visited Taylor's best friend, Zack, and met their miracle baby twins Easton and Libberty, 5 months younger than Keira & they're so adorable! We then headed to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes to do some camping & ATV/Rhino/Razr riding with Taylor's family. I look forward to it every year. As I went to out for my first ride of the day, I was stepping out of the camping trailer holding Keira and my left foot rolled, twisting my ankle, causing me to fall, it happened so quickly and I just remember holding Keira out and turning myself so she wouldn't hit the ground. I landed on my back and tailbone pretty bad :::just peachy::: Keira was okay but she was crying and startled. I was dazed and startled and of course in pain and felt faint. I took some Ibuprofen and rested. Luckily I was still able to enjoy riding the dunes, but regardless I wasn't going to let it ruin my fun. I'm still having pain in my ankle and tailbone, but I know it'll heal okay. So there's the highlight for me on the trip, hah. Keira had her first ride on the Rhino and she seemed to like it! And I'm getting better riding the dunes on the ATV, I ride on my bro-in-laws ATV so I have to review how to ride it (it's manual) and then get the hang of it. I bug Taylor a lot for not taking me out more so I can practice and get good at it (he wishes we had time to), but hopefully I'll have my own to practice on someday, since his Predator is too crazy & suped up for me to ride. Anyhow, Keira overall was a happy camper, the food was great and the weather was lovely. So besides bruisin' my tush and the leaves not quite turning, I had a dandy ol' time.